Bulging Abs vs Flat Abs

Hi Everyone!
So I have been looking at a ton of pictures online of very fit and strong women; however I notice that some have abs that seem to protrude while others have stomachs that are super flat (both with very defined abs). Does anyone know how to achieve the second of the two? I know diet is like 80% of it, but I also want to know the other 20%. I've read forums and articles that say planking is the key, but I just want some additional opinions. Thanks!


  • usmcmp
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    Genetics and how they are posing.

    My abs stick out pretty far despite rarely doing direct work. I know some women who work very hard on their abs and their abs are very flat. I can make mine look a bit flatter when I rotate, suck in, stretch or pose in special ways.
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    It might be that some of the women are flexing and others are not. But it's probably 95% genetic. And perhaps also having to do with how strong. The more muscle you build, the bigger they'd get. So I think if you get to the point you like and maintain your strength there instead of continuing to increase your weight/load for exercise then perhaps that'll work.

    To get abs of any kind you should look into weight lifting programs such as strong curves or strong lifts. Finish the programs with some extra ab and back work. You'll also likely have to cut a lot of fat. As in getting down to 18%ish body fat. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to build muscle and lose fat at the same time, so most people recommend doing one and then the other. Typically starting with cutting fat, and then building the muscle (which builds back fat since you're eating at a surplus to do this) and then cut the fat again haha.
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    Here's the same woman, but her abs look different in the pictures due to flexing and posing.
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    Flexing, posing, anabolic steroids, Growth Hormone, amount of years of training.. All a factor
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    Nevermind, already explained!