I started this journey in 2012; in a short 7 months I lost 62 LBS however things fall apart and I gained it all back and more; for the last year I was on and off again about my journey; however tomorrow is day 1 of 100% commit :) I will be eating on point, and back to the gym 4 days a week for strength training and back to walking 6 days a week!! I can and will do this, today I got rid of all the junk food in my house and stocked up on healthy foods!!

Weight: 345.2 LBS
Bust: 49.5”
Waist: 59”
Hips: 57”
Thighs: 30”
Calves: 19.5”
Arms: 18”
Neck: 16”
Forearms: 10”


  • kwb711
    kwb711 Posts: 1 Member
    Good luck! Awesome restart!
  • BudhiRooh
    BudhiRooh Posts: 89 Member
    good luck
  • lmmathis86
    lmmathis86 Posts: 223 Member
    Tomorrow is day one for me again too for like the fifth time!!! Good luck!
  • ginger0376
    ginger0376 Posts: 11 Member
    I just restarted myself, yesterday. good luck! feel free to add me so we can support and motivate eachother!
    EWAJH Posts: 22 Member
    Good job. I'm resting tomorrow. Back on track :)
  • Mersie1
    Mersie1 Posts: 329 Member
    Go for it!!!! Tomorrow I'm going to dig in deeper! Can't wait to hear your great progress and hopefully share mine! Hugs and high fives!
  • MarziDeThrall
    MarziDeThrall Posts: 98 Member
    I was here about a year ago and lost 15 lbs. Then after a 2 month plateau, I got very discouraged and eventually lost interest in logging. I ended up gaining back the 15 lbs. plus 20 more. We had a family birthday party for my son last Sunday and I had to wear my yoga pants because I cannot fit in any of my regular clothes. That was my breaking point. So Monday I logged back in and I've had a great week so far. My first goal is to get back into my jeans. Good luck to you. We really can do this. :smiley:
  • Lshona
    Lshona Posts: 393 Member
    Good luck on your journey!