Muscle pain relief

Hey everyone

I attended boot camp for the first time this week and oh my god my muscles are so sore ( legs and arms !) anyone have good tips at how to relief the pain - I will definitely be going back but it's now two days since I went and I'm in loads of pain ... Climbing the stairs hurts ! Xx


  • AlphaCajun
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    If this is the first time you've really, really worked those muscles.. That's a fun three or four days.. Lol drink plenty water, get plenty of sleep, short duration stretches (10-15 second holds) once or twice a day helps me. Don't worry the soreness gets less intense as you move forward, and quite quickly as your muscles get stronger and less prone to being torn down but here's a tip... And it's important.. If you think you are too sore to go to the next one, SKIP IT AND REST! There's always the next class and retearing already sore muscles will accomplish nothing and make you want to quit lol.
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    It's just DOMS (delayed on-set muscle soreness).

    There's a difference between DOMS and actual pain. You'll be able to tell.

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    Hot 20 minute soak in a bath with epsom salts will help.
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    Drink LOTS of water. Serious hydration helps dealing with soreness. BCAAs if you have got em, but don't worry if not (not worth buying JUST to deal with soreness).
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    Give yourself a few days rest. When you return, no matter how hard the class goes, try to take it a little easier. Some of those people may have been doing the workouts much longer than you have and you have to build up to where they are. Nothing to worry about unless you literally get burnt out of doing the workouts. You're body will adjust quickly, but it's best to have a little less intensity at first with consistency and build intensity as your body adjusts. You never want to be completely pain free but you also don't want to be so sore that you can only workout once a week.
  • I'm so sorry - I didn't get notified of replies :(
    That week was sooo painful id say it took about 6 days to feel normal again ! But I did go back and have kept going - it's hard work but better than sitting on the sofa !

    I found a warm bath and keeping my legs moving helped ease the pain ... But I think everyone was sick of the word 'ouch' after a few days lol !
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    I think Roll-on Icy Hot is great.