Need support and ideas for weight loss.. How did u do it

I need some help please... I love food and hate excersise... I can't do it without being pushed.... I Need friends that are actively on here and comment on your posts, status and motivate... Please add me... I unfortunately don't get much support from friends or my husband


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    Add me. I log every day.
  • AlciaMode
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    In the end the only person that can make you be good to yourself is you. You have to want it badly enough that it eats you up.
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    AlciaMode wrote: »
    In the end the only person that can make you be good to yourself is you. You have to want it badly enough that it eats you up.

    This, I so agree with! Once you change the way you think about YOU and then the process, success will follow. I would love to be added support, friend me if you'd like.
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    My advice to you.

    Log everything you eat daily

    Read the NSV stories daily as they motivate you more than anything.

    And add me lol.
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    I don't know how to add friends (new to these boards) but I'm happy to chat online about our progress
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    Ditto the log everything.

    Don't exercise if you hate it. Instead have a think about what you might like to do - a ten minute walk in a park, a five minute dance (on your own if you feel better) to favourite music, walk up a flight of stairs. 'Exercise' doesn't have to be sweaty hours in a gym.

    As said above, you have to do it for you. Not for anyone else, but for you - maybe because there are clothes you want to wear, or meds you want to not need any more, or you're tired of hauling extra you around, or you want to wipe the smug look off someone's face, or you want to party at your seventieth birthday instead of being a distant memory. There'll be something and once you get your focal point the rest will come (or rather, go!). It won't necessarily be easy and you'll have days that aren't so grand and you'll have self doubts and frustrations, but keep the focal point (which might change as you go along) and keep logging and keep reading the success stories to remind yourself that it can be done; and one day your trousers will be too loose to wear with any modicum of decency, and then one day you'll be posting your own success story.

    P.S. It can take a while - l lose on average .5lb per week, which when there's 50 to go takes some time, but that time is going to be passing anyway, so I might as well keep at it (31lbs down and already feeling so much better!).
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    Log everything you eat! Start with the Leslie sansone walking dvd's. They are a great place to start if you don't like to exercise.
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    I'm on MFP everyday. Feel free to add me.

    Bottom line is you have to want to change more than you want to stay the same. I've been at least 50 lbs overweight for close to 15 years. I got serious about being healthy about 5 months ago and I am 15 lbs. from my goal weight. My only regret is that I waited till I was 50 years old to do something about my weight. I feel SO much better.

    This is what I've done.
    • Log everything I eat.
    • Go to the gym 5 days a week. I do cardio and strength training and I spend about 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 hours at the gym each day I go.
    • Cut way back on sugar and carbs.
    • Find a support group. MFP is great for this.

    You can do this!
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    Feel free to add me!

    Make it a game - all of it, hunting for recipes to prep on Sunday nights to trying out new activities (paddle boarding, horseback riding, running, cycling) - if they are fun to do (alone or with a friend!) and don't involve a couch, you'll probably burn calories doing it!
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    About logging your food. First, set a realistic goal. Mine is 1/2 lb, really modest, but I'm losing 2+ lb per week without any difficulty. Then with your realistic weight loss goal, learn how to end the day with all your numbers green. This may take you several days or even weeks, but you can do it. Once you figure how to get into calorie deficit, stay in calorie deficit for consecutive days with only very rare excursions into excess, but get right back into calorie deficit the next day. You'll look marvelous in a few months.
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    I'm on every day. Got myself in shape once now I'm doing it again in with a 2 year and counting cancer battle. Hope that's some motivation 4 you.
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    Buy a fitbit or similar device. They are very motivating and make counting steps and activity fun. It pairs nicely with MFP. You just have to be in competition with yourself. Increase your total steps a little each day or week. You get a weekly report showing your calorie in / calorie out deficit as well as many other helpful fitness and health markers. No gym necessary.