Looking for one or two accountability partners who are set on losing weight this year (~20lbs.)

I am looking for someone who wants to lose about 15-20lbs with me. We would chat and talk throughout the week through email (maybe text idk) to make sure the other is on track.

I think there is no better sure way to lose weight. I have already taken some actions but I know someone checking in on me would reduce my chances of going for ice cream or cake or candy(you know, all that bad stuff) and visa versa.

If you are in the same place, reply so we can start working together and losing pounds now.

I am ultra determined this year but have failed for so many years. Let's make this work and get the pounds off.

I also have lots of great insight to offer so ya. I wouldn't mind having more than one person in the loop either.

Age: 21
Weight: 166
Goal: 150 or size 7/9
Method: Walking (I am seeing great results)
A few strength workouts


  • mamagib4
    mamagib4 Posts: 19 Member
    Hey there!!! I wouldn't mind being part of your motivation group!! As long as you don't mind someone older working with you! I'm 43 and I am 4 weeks into tracking my food and following a plan hard core. I started at 172 pounds and as if this morning I am down to 162. Woo Hoo!!! Friend me is you want and we can figure something out a method!
  • Bren_D
    Bren_D Posts: 2 Member
    I would love an accountability partner or 2
  • Can I join!!!??? I'm definitely motivated. And need someone to help,me as well.
  • Sexedee10
    Sexedee10 Posts: 62 Member
    I need partner too. Need friends that are actively on here and comment on your posts, status and motivate... Please add me... I unfortunately don't get much support from friends or my husband
  • chrissy031613
    chrissy031613 Posts: 4 Member
    Me too please. Lets do good
  • BeatsPerMinute
    BeatsPerMinute Posts: 8 Member
    edited February 2016
    Hey there! I'm 25 and looking to lose about 15-20 pounds too! Looking for someone to keep me accountable as well. I'm fine with emailing or texting. My methods are eliminating all the snacking I do at work and gym time (including walking, I have a fit bit) Add me :)
  • brainzinvogue
    brainzinvogue Posts: 4 Member
    Hey...me too!
    I'm 23 and looking to lose 20 lbs as well. I'd love to be part of the community
  • mmorgan602
    mmorgan602 Posts: 3 Member
    I fit this profile...how can i join?
  • hsoejak
    hsoejak Posts: 1 Member
    I would love to join as well - trying to build healthy habits and lose weight this year.
  • awakenbeauty51
    awakenbeauty51 Posts: 35 Member
    Hi! I would love to join in. My journey actually began last year around this time. I successfully lost about 16 lbs in six weeks. Then I found out I was pregnant, so needless to say I gained that back and then some. Determined to finish what I started I began again in Nov. To date I have lost more than 50 lbs based on last year's start and almost 40 since November. Would love extra motivation and the opportunity to motivate. Add me if you'd like!
  • redfire77
    redfire77 Posts: 7 Member
    Well there are lots of people who want to join. The only problem is that it is hard to keep track of so many people :( even though I would love for all of us to work together. So I will message the two people I am going to work with closely

    I highly you guys who posted here connecting with each other. We all clearly want the same thing but helping a lot of people stay accountable is hard. So connect with each other and try to from your own individual groups.

    And great job to all of you who have already worked hard to lose a ton of weight. I am inspired by you.
  • redfire77
    redfire77 Posts: 7 Member
    Lastly, all of you can feel free to add me or message me. I will gladly give you support if you need it.