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People who used to eat emotionally - what did you do instead when you were stressed/sad?

I'm in a terrible mood. All I want to do is put on my coat and go buy some candy and ice cream. But I know it's not healthy physically or mentally. I'm just sitting here feeling worse and worse, and I don't really know what else would help. I'm starting to give myself a headache from being upset. What do you do that helps?


  • Ninkyou
    Ninkyou Posts: 6,666 Member
    I went for a walk. It really helps clear the mind.
  • eamelone88
    eamelone88 Posts: 1 Member
    I used to be a huge emotional binge eater, there are websites available with tips on how to stop emotional eating. Just Google it, :). I enjoy walking a lot, helps clear your mind. I also enjoy doing word searches! ;) oh I also am learning how to crochet and started reading more. Those are just a few things you can do to keep your mind busy and active and not think about food. Also tell yourself every day that you're stronger than the urge to eat junk food. You have to remind yourself. You can do it!
  • yourhiddengem
    yourhiddengem Posts: 171 Member

    Or go somewhere without food - like I wouldn't go to a grocery store or near my kitchen but I would go to a bookstore or outside or a library

  • LadyValacri
    LadyValacri Posts: 17 Member
    I honestly talk to my fiance. Talking to someone keeps me from going to the kitchen and stuffing my face with junk food. I am such an emotional eater and I have cracked more than once. It's okay to mess up and make mistakes. No one is perfect. We're humans. And honestly, as humans with greasy food on every corner, we're bound to cave. You have to strive to get better and pick yourself up after you fall down. If you do that, it makes it harder for you to cave next time!
  • RoxieDawn
    RoxieDawn Posts: 15,488 Member
    edited February 2016
    What are you emotional about?

    If you were going to put your coat on and go buy ice cream, put your coat on and go buy your self something you need or just go somewhere and stop getting so worked up over food.

    I am not sure I would call this emotional eating? It just sounds like you are hangry for some reason.
  • emdeesea
    emdeesea Posts: 1,823 Member
    It depends.

    I would try to figure out why I was depressed or sad. If it was something I could take care of, I would do it. Problem solved.

    If it wasn't something that was in my immediate control, then I would go do some vigorous exercise, like run a mile as fast as I could. It's amazing how much better you feel afterwards.
  • MarziDeThrall
    MarziDeThrall Posts: 98 Member
    Go window shopping. I love to do this. Focus on all the cool clothes you're going to get when you meet your goal.

    This is going to sound silly, but also when I'm upset, I like to play Guns N Roses Appetite For Destruction at top volume in my car and sing/shout along with ol' Axl Rose. IDK why this helps, but it always makes me feel better.
  • jsdvasquez
    jsdvasquez Posts: 3 Member
    I agree, if you can go for a walk or do some excercise that's the best immediate solution. But eventually try to get to the root of the problem and try to find ways to solve it.
  • upoffthemat
    upoffthemat Posts: 679 Member
    walks, video games, sleep, go to the gym, anything to keep me busy. I also keep remembering that the food didn't actually help. It has taken a LONG time to get through it and by no means do I feel cured, but I haven't had an emotional binge in a few months now. I have had a couple days I had a bit more of some treats than I would have liked, but I allowed for it and I really really enjoyed those treats when I didn't feel sick afterwards and didn't go over on my daily calorie log.
    Just keep trying and each time you don't emotionally eat remember it is a victory. If you do give in, you aren't a failure, analyze why and ask if there is something else you could have done, forgive yourself, move on.
  • Rocknut53
    Rocknut53 Posts: 1,794 Member
    I take my dog for a walk or hike (even in winter weather). That way she isn't affected by my negative energy and it really helps me emotionally. That's how I pulled myself out of a bout of depression this winter. Make it a habit and the rest will just fall into place. As you begin to feel better it is easier to get rid of self-condemnation.
  • amusedmonkey
    amusedmonkey Posts: 10,330 Member
    Videogames. It keeps both my hands and my brain busy.
  • KnM0107
    KnM0107 Posts: 355 Member
    Painting keeps my mind occupied and my hands stay busy. I truly believe everyone needs a hobby that they enjoy.
  • CollieFit
    CollieFit Posts: 1,683 Member
    I always had a pretty normal relationship with food, but when both my parents died after long chronic illness I became an emotional eater for a while and I became fat. Then I found myself some bereavement counselling and found a more appropriate way of managing my emotions. Now when I feel a bit frustrated I let it out during exercise.
  • kanakapride
    kanakapride Posts: 11 Member
    I actually ended up getting into photography and what I would do is just go for a walk with my camera.
  • shadowfax_c11
    shadowfax_c11 Posts: 1,942 Member
    It does help to get out and do something. I have a horse and enjoy spending time with her and riding really helps my mood, but winter months tend to put a damper on that. My depression tends to be worse in the winter. So I got a membership to the botanical garden that is luckily close to my home and when I need a good dose of green and growing things and flowers I go there and take a walk.I have found that my martial arts training helps a great deal to alleviate stress and provides a good outlet for tension. And of course talking is a huge help. Having someone you can talk to who will just listen is a valuable asset.
  • robot_potato
    robot_potato Posts: 1,535 Member
    I take a bath with my music loud so I can't hear anyone else. Or I go for a long hike/bike ride (like several hours long), and have a treat afterwards since I generally dump 1000+ calories in the process.
  • frizbeemom
    frizbeemom Posts: 101 Member
    I always thought that people who said that they worked out to replace emotional eating were kind of hokey. My trainer was a huge help to me when I was frustrated with not making any progress because I was doing emotional eating, which offset any progress I made in the gym or the kitchen. He helped me come up with a plan for what to do when I was free to do what I wanted, and an alternate plan when I needed to stick in the house with my kid with mental illness and I wasn't comfortable leaving her. I stuck with it for a week or two, and my outlook is totally changed. Now I do very little emotional eating. If I can do what I want, I head to the gym for a hard workout, listening to music, to relieve my frustrations and then treat myself to the spa there afterwards. It is soooo relaxing. I am now at the point that it is my preferred method of stress relief and it is something I look forward to, and believe me, I never thought I would say that!!!
  • RodaRose
    RodaRose Posts: 9,562 Member
    Yoga breathing
  • KathyApplebaum
    KathyApplebaum Posts: 188 Member
    I literally run away from my problems. The more upset I am, the faster I run/bike, and by the time I get back, I've forgotten all about emotional eating. I used to joke that I should send my previous boss a thank you card for all the weight he made me lose -- I was running an awful lot right before I quit. :wink:
  • JennieMaeK
    JennieMaeK Posts: 474 Member
    Exercise definitely helps. I find that regular exercise helps keep my stress levels down and makes me less incline to eat emotionally. And if I'm having a bad day, exercise is a great mood booster. I like running, but I think anything that gets your heart pumping and kicks those endorphins in is good.

    I also enjoy knitting. I find the repetitiveness relaxing, almost meditative. Keeps me occupied as well.