Bingeing at the end of the day?

I can normally keep my calorie intake under control throughout the day. I'll drink water and everything to keep my stomach full when I can't eat. However, when dinnertime rolls around, I just stuff my face. Even tonight, I ate, like, 1000 calories in dinner alone. Is there any way I can better restrict myself when night time rolls around?


  • usmcmp
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    The most important step is to figure out why you do it. It could be that you restrict too much during the day and you need to space calories out better. It's probably partially habit, meaning you need to build a new habit. It could be boredom and you need to go do something active after dinner.
  • rosebarnalice
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    Try weighing out a reasonable dinner portion, eating that and then immediately brushing your teeth. I find if I brush my teeth I'm less likely to want to eat afterward.
  • kf1834
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    Remember your goal - by dinnertime you are only a few hours away from a whole new day. Push through, you can make your goal!

    Or if you absolutely feel the need to have a splurge, make it one specific thing: a glass of wine, a dish of ice cream, a second helping of your favorite dish...whatever is a huge motivator yet works within your goal limits (or only pushes them a little). Indulging in the one thing will help you not feel deprived but limiting it to just that will keep you closer to your goals.

    Good luck!
  • rgbmore
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    First of all, love the Undertale username/profile pic.
    Secondly, I have the same problem so I purposely eat only a little during the day (200 cals breakfast 200 at lunch or less) then I have 1000 to spend on dinner. More if I exercise.
    Weight has still steadily been coming off.:)

    Otherwise...when you need to stop eating for the night, put the food away and brush your teeth. Mint flavor helps--and its a good excuse to stop eating.