Cathé Friedrich STS

Hi everyone.
I'm thinking of starting STS and combining it with running/ Beachbody cardio DVDs on the three other days. I know STS is quite old now. Is it still her best strength workout to do?


  • Roxie65
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    I know a lot of people still use it check out her website and talk to others.
  • tfisher678
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    I've used it about 4 times...I increased muscle mass and lost some weight. I consider it to be a very thorough program for anyone into lifting. Her form pointers are great!

    If your new to lifting, be aware of how your muscles feel. Sometimes it may take a couple days to notice muscle soreness so feel free to go a little lighter than your 1 rep max. (My first round I went by my 1 rep max and was sore sometimes 3 days later. 2nd round I payed more attention and tried to make changes where I felt necessary).

    I think STS is definitely worth the effort and time you put into it. Hope you enjoy!
  • jaz050465
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    Thanks. I'm also thinking about RWH or XTrain as they are shorter. What's the difference between the two?
  • tfisher678
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    Rwh seems faster paced (even though Cathe says to go at your own pace) and a bit more impact. The music doesn't always line up with the workout

    Xtrain seems a little longer in length but has so many premixes for when your short on time or want an extra long workout.

    You can go heavy on both and each series has some unique moves.

    I personally reach for xtrain more...but both are great!

    Hope that helps!