Calorie burn for walking carrying 25lbs?

Hi! I have 20 month old twins and sometimes walk for a fair distance (5-8kms) carrying one of them in a carrier. This must burn more calories than walking on its own but for the life of me I can't find anywhere that gives an accurate burn for walking on flat ground (some hills but I don't mind discounting those) carrying a 25lb toddler. Anyone have any good guesstimates? I'm a 239lb female BTW. Thanks for any help!


  • Nuke_64
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    Use a calculator that uses weight as input, increase your weight by 25 lbs.
  • jmgj27
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    Yeah, I wondered about doing that actually but wasn't sure how accurate it would be. Will give it a go! Should have worn my Garmin HR monitor but forgot stupidly!
  • drachfit
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    it's not going to be a significantly higher amount. maybe 10 calories more per mile?

    if you mis-measure your cooking oil by 1/10th of a tablespoon you will have undone this error. it's in the noise. don't worry about it.
  • beemerphile1
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    Multiply .3 times the total weight times the miles for your calorie burn.

    ex; .3 X (239+25) = 79.2 X 3 miles = 237.6 calories
  • mkakids
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    There is an entry under cardio for carrying a 20# load.
  • jmgj27
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    mkakids wrote: »
    There is an entry under cardio for carrying a 20# load.

    Thank you- I didn't spot that, will look again!