Digestive enzymes

Whewww, so my diet is high protein and I didn't think I would be the person who needs to take digestive enzymes, but I do. My stomach is having a hard time digesting it all. Anyone in a similar boat?


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    I'm a vegan and take the digestive enzymes when I consume a large portions of raw veggies. The key to it wirking is taking prior to your first bite. Good luck! :-)
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    Thank you :)
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    Im a vegan and I take them sometimes. I personally recommend Digest Gold. You need to pinpoint what type you need and that brand I think can help, they have many different types that are more specified for certain meals.

    You really need to pinpoint though, if you need them more for carbs or for proteins because those are two separate enzymes.

    I personally take two types from that brand one is called something like veggiegest? and I take that one before a very starchy meal and veggie meals like salads with potatoes etc.

    I also take one designed for protein I think its the ATPro? and I usually have that one before eating tofu, temp and other protein meals.

    They also have ones that have them all combined called full spectrum but I don't really think they work as well because they kind of can cancel each other out a bit

    Another brand I have used in the past that I liked a lot as well is Life Extension! that is another great one!
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    Keep protein to no more than 25 % of calories to keep sugars down.