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Hiya! So I have gained a lot of weight. Fed my body too much rubbish and booze over the years. All those calories have caught up with me and found myself back on this app again. This time I am eating raw food for personal reasons. I will eat cooked vegan food again in a month or two but only in the evenings. Recently been vegan and even though I am cold, i feel great for eating only raw foods. Easy to track too.... that is a bonus I suppose! So my diet is raw. Fruit, veggies, nuts and seeds etc. Nothing is cooked. Are any of you raw vegan? Ever tried it? How did you do? I have done 5 days now. Many more to go but we have to start somewhere hey. I have cut alcohol out of my life now too. Completely raw and pure. Am aiming to lose 1lb a week and I have just over 4 stone to lose. So one year is my aim. Anyone have before and after vegan pics? :) any experiences? I have a partner and 2 kids who are vegan and I am in this alone and proud to be here writing this as my kids watch a movie and scoff crisps and popcorn. What I would give for a pringle haha! So that is a bit about me. On a cleansing mind, body and soul journey. Bye for now :)


  • Cherimoose
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    Ever tried it? How did you do?

    I tried it a few years back. I didn't notice a change, and it wasn't sustainable for me. I guess it's due to my 1 million years of evolution of eating cooked meat.

    My only suggestion is to google "vegan deficiencies", so your kids don't develop any of the common deficiencies from eliminating food groups.

    Fat loss, of course, is strictly from a calorie deficit. Millions have lost weight eating a normal diet. :+1:
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    I made the switch to a whole natural plant base lifestyle a month ago, I don't eat raw vegan, mostly cooked, but I do eat a lot of raw fruits and veggies. I find I eat way more than I was, when I was eating animal products. In this month alone I have lost 13 lbs, nice side effect and I even upped my calories and my carbs are much higher than before. I eat simple, healthy whole foods, very very little processed foods. I also make a lot of our foods from scratch, pasta, bread, tortillas, pizza crust etc. I cut out 90 % of refined sugars and drink mostly water, with the odd tea. Congrats on becoming vegan, hope you stick with it. :) wishing you all the best in your journey. Oh and I started my journey one year ago today and I have lost a total of 70 lbs so far.
  • Cherimoose,Hiya! thank you both for your comments! x Yea made sure I looked into it thoroughly for the kids :) they are doing great! I agree it is totally the calorie deficit. I have always had meat growing up and doing fitness too I have been a weight loss successful meat eater in the past. This way of life is a personal thing for me and is healing of mind, body and soul for me. Good on you for givng it a try out previously :) We are all so different. I personally already feel better after only a week almost. I wish you fab results on your journey! :) onwards and downwards we go haha!x
  • allaboutthefood, Hiya! WOW that is incredible!!! really well done to you :D what an inspiration!! 13lbs only in a month?! wow!! ! nice one!!x are you exercising too or is this literally eating healthier? incredible. Cooked vegan is fab. So eye opening it really is. And exciting learning new foods and experimenting with taste buds. My kids sat there yesterday with us at lunch and were saying mmmm to raw foods with humus. My 4 year old was making a finger sandwich and stuffing it with carrots, olives, humus and spinach. Whilst my 8 year old tested out what wrapping it all in spinach leaves was like and ate it too alongside a vast variety of things on the table. If you have any vegan family puds you would like to share? My kids love the tofu cacao choccy pud. oh it is sooo good as a nice treat :) looking forward to eating that again in a month or so. All the best to you too :) such a positive feeling hearing success journeys and being inspired. Vegan for life I am now. Deffo suits my body better.xx