Wii - PS - XBox?

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Which is going to give me the most options for exercise (for old ladies, not that kick-boxing stuff!) and fun? What is your favorite exercise? Game?


  • mlemonroe2
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    I have the Wii Fit. I don't use it as much as I did in the begining, but I lost my first 30 pounds using it! I still use the balance board as my offcial weigh in.
  • Dellonious1
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    I use the WII, boxing or tennis...also i got the biggest loser for the wii..LOVE it...It is great for me as I am still new to working out.
  • TinaS88
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    If you have the kinect for the Xbox ( I want it SOOOO bad, lol) it's REALLY great... otherwise I would say the Wii. The Wii fit I hear is great, the board is still a bit too expensive for me.. but some of my friends use it and say it works!! Even the simple wii sports burns decent calories if played for a bit :P
  • ChantalGG
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    xbox doesnt have a controller if that matters.. wii is made for old people. My mom loves it! I have it too and love it. :)
  • peacestar84
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    I love my wii and it has lots of different cardio options!
  • megsta21
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    Wii is pretty good but doesnt monitor your whole body... just your arm/s (and feet / weight with balance board).... If you want the cheapest version I would recommend the Wii plus buying a game called "Your Shape" as it comes with a little webcam like camera which tracks your movements... its not the best but it is ok. I believe only one game works with the camera though.

    Also you can get non genuine balance boards for alot cheaper now days. :smooched:

    If you can afford it I would recommend Xbox 360 & Xbox Kinect. Then you can play quite a few different games. The Kinect monitors over 500,000 points on your body and i find it to be pretty accurate. The games range from Adventure (Your body is your controller) to fitness and dance to carracing... :drinker:

    I recommend having a look at this link:


    ETA... I have all three.... But no fitness games for PS3.... I have quite a few for Wii... but Xbox kicks *kitten*! hehe :flowerforyou: It is a little more exxy but SOOOO Worth it because it really does monitor your whole body.... Search on Youtube for it...
  • talonlily
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    I have the Wii and the Xbox 360 Kinect. The Wii has the most options for exercise games. The Kinect is cool because you don't need a remote but it can be tough for the sensor to read your movements and you have to stay with in a certain zone for the camera to see you.
    For The Wii
    I have Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus, Wii active, Wii active more workouts, Just Dance 2, and of course the Wii sports games. Out of these the toughest workouts come from the Wii Actives and Just Dance games. These ones actually make me sweat while the others are good to play if you want to take it easy.
    For the Kinect
    I have Zumba, Kinect Sports and Kinect Adventures. Any of these games are fun to play but the real workout for me comes from Zumba (which is also available on Wii) and some of the Sports games like Soccer and Boxing.
  • acmcoc
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    EA active 2 on kinect for 360 is awesome!
  • nicothepotato
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    PS and XBox are pretty expensive for the casual gamer. Unless you're going to pick up Call of Duty and Resident Evil 5 with your Zumba, I would go for the Wii. It also has some pretty fun games that aren't meant for exercise but you still break a sweat playing.