Hello from Australia

Hi there everyone :)

I noticed that a lot of the people who post here are from America so just thought I'd post and see how many Aussie guys and girls are out there?

I joined MFP in February this year and love it!!! I have recently recruited some colleagues at work to the app and they love it too and I'm loving having 'friends' on here :) The encouragement and support is so great to have!

If there are any others out there (not just aussies) who would like some more MFP mates then be sure to add me :)

Have a great day :)


  • delilah514
    delilah514 Posts: 126 Member
    Hi! I live in Australia too. Although I am not Australian, I am American. I am proud to call Australia home now :)

    I will send over a friend request, its nice having more friends on the same time zone as me!

    Congrats on your weight loss so far 10 kilos since Feb that is quite impressive!
  • katcottrill
    Thanks hun :)

    I started losing weight around November last year (by joining the gym and doing Lite n Easy) and then in Feb I joined MFT after losing around 5 kilos :) So I can't credit MFP to the full 10kgs but I'm most proud of the weight I've lost on MFP cause I did it myself :)

    Great job on the 15 pounds also! (I get so confused with pounds so I'm always converting into kilos lol)
  • delilah514
    delilah514 Posts: 126 Member

    I started a couple weeks before joing on MFP. A friend back in the states told me about this website. I have been checking in here religiously everyday since February! I lost a bit before starting too. So I have really lost 20 pounds.....or 9 kilos :) Don't worry I can do the conversions for you. I am now well versed in calories vs kilojoules, pounds vs kilos, grams vs ounces & Celsius vs Fahrenheit! LOL :laugh:
  • JJ_Mamma
    JJ_Mamma Posts: 42 Member
    Hi all, I'm new-ish to the site.

    I'm looking for some friends as I really like the wall feature of MFP and bow friends can encourage each other with comments etc. I'm from Western Sydney and need to shed 10 kilo's. I'm a bit of a "been there, done that" sort of dieter and really need to focus on just staying "there"!

    I'm not sure how it all works, but message me if anyone is interested in a new friend!

    :) Jo
  • em0307
    em0307 Posts: 33 Member
    Another Aussie here - rural NSW. Feel free to add me! We could all use all the support we can get! :)
  • Tisha247
    Tisha247 Posts: 849 Member
    Hi, I'm from the beautiful Gold Coast I've been doing this since early March I think and have lost around 5/6 kilo's. I've had a few hiccups though, an internal battle of wills. I love aussie connetions and also any other friendly folk.
  • kdjemr
    kdjemr Posts: 7
    Hi I am in Darwin .... been doing MFP for 2 months now, great program. Yeah its good to see Aussies on here ... feel free to add me. I am married with three kids ... only one in the family thay has had weight issues ... so support on here is great.

    Always Hope!
  • monstr0sity
    I'm from Bundaberg, QLD. I love meeting other Aussies on here! :)
  • aegira
    aegira Posts: 201 Member
    Hey everyone....from Launceston, Tasmania
  • tashtranquillo
    another aussie from sydney! great too see theres more of us using this :)
  • rachmaree
    rachmaree Posts: 782 Member
    Hi, I'm from a small town near Batemans Bay (NSW), but currently living in Istanbul.
    Good luck with your journey!