Why do we fall, Bruce?

Disclaimer - This is difficult for me. I hate pictures of me without a shirt on.

I love MFP. I came here and it helped me not only lose weight, but really learn about how to eat, how to lift, how to stay motivated. But I got busy. And I slipped a little. Oops. Then a little more. And more. And holy f#$%ing *kitten* I look like I ate a panda....who just at a pig.... who just ate another pig.... like a zombie pig.....The Walking Pork....but I digress.... I am HUGE.

I tell myself that I need to get back to being focused and stop coming here to play with friends. Since January 1st I have done that. Believe me, I am far from where I need to get. But for the first time I took true progress photos. So below is the photo of myself on Jan 1, 2016. You can see the panda trying to claw his way out.


Next is me yesterday, Feb 25th, 2016. Less than 2 months. 20lbs down, while maintaining strength and muscle. It hasn't been easy. The next 20 are going to be even harder. But, it helps to see the difference I am making. That is why we fall. Because once we get up, we are that much stronger and smarter.


Funny thing is that I showed these to my wife and she was flabbergasted. She couldn't believe the photo from Jan 1st. She had no idea I had gone there. She sees me everyday, so she didn't see the slow increase in pig and panda content in my belly. When you can shock the people you see every day....you know you did something right.


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