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Proper warm up b4 lifting?

BhangraPrinceBhangraPrince Member Posts: 123 Member Member Posts: 123 Member
What do you do before your lifting workout to prevent injury?


  • SingingSingleTrackerSingingSingleTracker Member Posts: 1,866 Member Member Posts: 1,866 Member
    5-10 minutes of cardio.
  • LunaMischiefLunaMischief Member Posts: 173 Member Member Posts: 173 Member
    5-10 minutes of cardio.

    Same, then do some dynamic stretching
  • MommyMeggoMommyMeggo Member Posts: 1,222 Member Member Posts: 1,222 Member
    Dynamic stretching then lifts at empty /lower weight for a few reps/sets.
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  • malibu927malibu927 Member Posts: 17,568 Member Member Posts: 17,568 Member
    10 minutes on the treadmill, increasing speed every 2 minutes
  • DopeItUpDopeItUp Member Posts: 18,794 Member Member Posts: 18,794 Member
    Light weights. Lots of reps and sets.
  • arditarosearditarose Member Posts: 15,610 Member Member Posts: 15,610 Member
    Dynamic stretches, foam roll or use a tennis ball if something is really tight. I walk a few blocks to the gym and have at least 3 warm up sets before working sets so I don't see the need for anything else.
  • cwolfman13cwolfman13 Member Posts: 39,582 Member Member Posts: 39,582 Member
    warm up sets before my working sets on the first lower and first upper body movements.
  • elite_nalelite_nal Member Posts: 127 Member Member Posts: 127 Member
  • singingfluteladysingingflutelady Member Posts: 8,737 Member Member Posts: 8,737 Member
    I walk to the gym (15 minute walk) and do warm up sets
  • WillbenchforcupcakesWillbenchforcupcakes Member Posts: 4,980 Member Member Posts: 4,980 Member
    Gentle cardio for 5 minutes.

    Bench days, go through some shoulder mobility/roll out any tight spots. Warm up starting from the bar up to my working weight.

    Squat days, banded glute warmup, hip flexor distraction/stretching, warm up my shoulders because I low bar and otherwise they hate me, warm up sets from the bar up.

    Deadlift days, banded glute warmup, then my warm up sets.
  • BalletAndBarbellsBalletAndBarbells Member Posts: 334 Member Member Posts: 334 Member
    Just warm up sets of the exercise in going to do with a low weight/empty bar. Plus a little dynamic stretching.
  • Josh_lolJosh_lol Member Posts: 326 Member Member Posts: 326 Member
    I do 10 minutes of walking on a steep incline.
  • piperdown44piperdown44 Member, Premium Posts: 958 Member Member, Premium Posts: 958 Member
    DopeItUp wrote: »
    Light weights. Lots of reps and sets.

    Same here......

    I've tried the 10 mins of cardio, stretching, etc and still need the light weights, reps and sets to properly warm up for lifting. So, I skip the other stuff and just do the light weights.
  • akoivistoakoivisto Member Posts: 142 Member Member Posts: 142 Member
    Maybe not the smartest thing, but I sort of dive into lifting, just progressively load weight until I get to my current lift; so I do get a basic warm up.

    Example: Squats

    Basic Stretches if I'm feeling tight -> 5 Reps with 45lb Bar -> +45lbx2 for 5 reps -> +45lbx2 for 5 reps -> +45x2 for 5 reps -> +25lbx2 now being at target weight 5 sets of 5 reps. -> Re-rack weights, do the same for the next lift.
  • always_smilin_Dalways_smilin_D Member Posts: 83 Member Member Posts: 83 Member
    On leg days - you can find me on the stationary bike for about 10 mins -- on upper body days you can find me at the row machine for about 10 -- on ab/cardio days I am on the elliptical...
  • quiargaquiarga Member Posts: 408 Member Member Posts: 408 Member
    I've been doing Stronglifts 5x5 for just over a month now. Since all the equipment is in my garage and it's winter, 5-10 min of cardio is a must to actually warm me up. I run, jog, skip rope in place as well as jumping jacks then move on to some dynamic stretching. Then the 5x5 warmups of empty bar + building up the weight to get to your actual weight for that workout.
  • ChieflrgChieflrg Member Posts: 9,002 Member Member Posts: 9,002 Member
    I hit it every day, do I like to try to get loose pretty much legs, back, and shoulders ever day regardless of which main lift.
  • SonyaCeleSonyaCele Member Posts: 2,842 Member Member Posts: 2,842 Member
    i do a few minutes of cardio, and then some warm up exercises into warm up sets til i hit my working weight.
  • Burger2066Burger2066 Member Posts: 126 Member Member Posts: 126 Member
    Walk to the gym, a little dynamic stretching and a set of everything with lighter weights.
  • TR0bertsTR0berts Member Posts: 7,785 Member Member Posts: 7,785 Member
    5 minutes on the treadmill.

    Squat or DL day => shoulder dislocations and some easy twists to loosen up my back
    Bench or OHP day => lucky cats for my rotator cuffs
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