I've lost 1 lb in 2 wks and seem to have hit a plateau. I'm eating healthy and not cheated. I'm frustrated when I don't see the wt going down. How long have other plateaus lasted?


  • diannethegeek
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    Mine lasted 8 weeks. It was mostly caused because I was lax with my logging and not doing enough with my workouts.
  • chandanista
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    It's not considered a plateau until 6 weeks of no scale movement. Sadly water will often hide loss. Have you been exercising more? Where are you in your cycle?
  • echofm1
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    1 pound in 2 weeks is a stall at best, and it's not uncommon to have good weeks and bad in the weight loss journey. It could be as simple as you had something salty, you're holding water because it's your time of the month, or even for no real reason at all. Weight loss isn't linear. If you're not cheating, just be patient. It can be frustrating to not see the weight going down, but trust that what you're doing works.
  • Summerberry1012
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    I've had a month-long plateau not too long ago. I had a lot of work to do though so it took some time for my body to catch up with me. I also do weights so I'm gaining a little muscle weight. You may need to switch things up a bit too, a different workout routine or seeing which foods work better for you etc. Everyone's different. I know it's frustrating but honestly, just stay focused on your goal and keep pushing forward, it'll average out eventually for you.
  • eAddict
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    Been a year here but I still track and workout. Oh well...
  • angelsfantasy69
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    Thank you everyone, that helps alot. Everyone is different and I need to be patient! And keep at it
    I do need to exercise more