Ways to take your protein hot?

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Hello everyone,

I wanted to ask if anyone has ever put protein power into a hot drink?
Like coffee or hot chocolate, chai etc. How did it taste and turn out?



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    crazyravr wrote: »
    Try it. The coffee will taste like your protein powder :) I still dont see the point of drinking this junk. Just eat a can of good quality tuna or have a nice piece of chicken/turkey... Same thing.

    Tuna and turkey are not sweet. Protein powder really helped with my sweet tooth in the beginning (and still now in oatmeal, yogurt, or protein cheesecake).

    OP, I tried mixing it with coffee and it turned up a big mess, but I guess you need to add the coffee while you stir, which I didn't do... .
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    I have tried a lot of protein powder & haven't found one yet that doesn't clump badly when put into a hot drink. I don't like coffee, but I drink a bunch of tea & thought I might be able to substitute protein powder for my milk powder. If I drank lukewarm tea it would work if I stirred the heck out of it, but I like hot tea. I'm OK with clumped protein powder in my soups--it's just one more thing to eat, but not in my beverage. I use unflavored, if I'm going to use it at all. In general, I'd rather eat meat.
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    The only way I could drink protein powder (and I haven't in probably 10 years) was in coffee, but I think I usually did it iced.
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    Haven't tried coffee , but I've heard one key is to make a slurry with cool/room temp liquid first, then mix into the warm liquid.

    I do this with oatmeal, and it works great. I use a little less liquid in my oatmeal to compensate and try to add just enough liquid to the powder so that is a payee and not overly runny.

    Eta: *giggity to the title*
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    crazyravr wrote: »
    Try it. The coffee will taste like your protein powder :) I still dont see the point of drinking this junk. Just eat a can of good quality tuna or have a nice piece of chicken/turkey... Same thing.

    how is it junk? it's dehydrated milk.
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    Powder in milk. Blend. Slam. Done.

    I'll never understand the various creative ways people try to use protein powder.

    Bonus: slamming your protein drink instead of just drinking it increases its effectiveness by 25% (at least according to a random poll of local gym bros).
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    Before I opened this I wondered how hot protein could be at all difficult. I almost always eat my protein hot, like hamburger, chicken, ham, and eggs.

    But powder, that's another thing. A word of warning. If milk proteins are heated harshly, they turn in to rubbery strings. Not at all pleasant. I did that with my Greek Yogurt by mistake this past week.
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    I've had decent luck with protein powder in hot coffee, though it does require a little patience. A whey/casein blend seems to do best, and if you cool the coffee a little (with an ice cube or liquid; I splash in a little unsweetened almond milk or just plain old half-and-half, depending on my mood) prior to adding your powder, that seems to help a lot with the clumping issue. Alternatively, you could whisk the powder into the cold liquid (i.e. the slurry method mentioned above) and then add it -- I've just always done it the other way around for no particular reason. I use a small wire whisk and add the powder gradually, and it works just fine. The odd clump or two may happen, but they're generally not noticeable enough to bother me. I've even been okay reheating it a bit in the microwave after the fact, though I wouldn't go too crazy with that -- half power and short bursts is key.
  • Its pretty good in hot coffee assuming you have a good tasting protein. Ill put a caramel, chocolate, chocolate mint, and vanilla in coffee. Works just like creamer.
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    I tried to make a hot chocolate protein with diy whipped cream and it became a gelatinous blob of doom :(
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    I I mine in my coffee, mixes in just fine and eliminates my need for creamer!
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    I drink protein in my coffee every morning. I've learned the trick to prevent clumping: put some cold water in your cup, stir in your protein, add coffee, stir some more. If you try to mix your protein with the hot coffee, it turns into a clumpy nasty mess.
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    crazyravr wrote: »
    Try it. The coffee will taste like your protein powder :)I still dont see the point of drinking this junk. Just eat a can of good quality tuna or have a nice piece of chicken/turkey... Same thing.

    Cost: the protein powder I use is 42p per scoop (there are cheaper on the market) giving me 23g of protein. John West No Drain Tuna is (in asda) £1.50 for a 130g (120g yield) tin and gives 26g protein. £1.08 more for 3 extra grams of protein.

    Per gram of protein eggs and cottage cheese tend to be cheaper than protein powders but not by much.
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    Protein powder clumps in hot liquid because you are denaturing the protein. It needs to go into lukewarm solutions!
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    Blend it in coffee. Just make sure you don't do it in a small Ninja-type blender, because the pressure will blow the seal and make a mess. The larger blender for the Ninja (or whatever you have)? Works fine.
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    Agree with @crazyravr about protein powder. I think it's disgusting - always have. The idea of it is gross too.

    I did buy a big tub of isopure natural this week though so I can make the occasional protein shake. For convenience, and that alone. I too would prefer a nice piece of lean meat instead, but sometimes this is just easier.

    I don't intend to use it long term. Only have a half serving (25 grams of protein) a couple times a week after lifting. It's not the worst thing in the world, but I prefer to eat actual real food.

    @Amanda_Tate28 How much protein do you need in your hot drink, btw? Because two cups of skim milk alone has 16 grams of protein, as does lowfat and whole milk. A little cocoa powder, and maybe a little peanut butter or almond butter if that's your thing. Seems like a nice hot protein rich hot drink of hot cocoa to me.
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    I make protein hot chocolates which I blend with a hand immersion blender, protein cheesecake, protein pancakes. The list goes on and on...