Just need to vent. I'm so disappointed in myself. I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. Was doing so well, eating well, exercising regularly, lost quite bit of weight. But had a very stressful few months, I'm exhausted, and struggling to get back into the swing of things I've lost my motivation. I keep making excuses to eat junk and skip the gym. I just don't seem to have any willpower. I don't feel like me at all, makes me want to cry


  • bspringer544
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    Go on the Internet and find two pictures; one of someone similar in height in shape who is ten pounds lighter than you and one of someone ten pounds heavier. Print them out and tape them to your fridge or pantry. Every time you go for food look at those pictures and think to yourself, which one would you rather be.
  • vivelajackie
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    That's where you start small. When I was going through some issues in the last year I fell off the wagon a bit. I'd log, but the things I logged changed from home-cooked meals to store-bought short cuts or restaurants (fast food and normal). I ended up just not caring, and because of that I maintained rather than lost and just got more and more frustrated with myself. I'd buy healthy things and all my fresh produce to get back on and end up dumping an entire fridge full of things when they inevitably went bad.

    You just have to get a grip on yourself and not let the bad things only beget more bad things. It's gonna take some digging yourself out of a rut, but you can do it. Remember, if you put junk in, you just feel like junk. (I mean, good God every time I say "Taco Bell, just this once" I know I've made a bad life choice. I feel gross afterward, no matter what I get.)
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    You made a mistake. It happens. Doesn't matter that it's a long one. What you need to do is learn to forgive yourself and keep going. Everyone makes mistakes, that's part of life. Learn from this and move on. Start with getting back into logging. Leave the exercise alone for the time being, focus on calories in. Once you've reestablished logging habits and have gotten your calories in under YOUR control, work regular exercise back in. It's ok to not put everything back all at once.

    Remember, you're only human. You will make mistakes. When you do, log it, learn from it, and move on.
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    You've identified the problem. Now fix it. You are only one workout away from feeling better. The more you workout the more "good" endorphins are released. Get out of your funk by doing something for yourself. It's a destructive repetitive cycle you are in. Eating crap, not working out, and feeling guilty because you ate crap and didn't work out which leads to doing the same thing. Get busy and fix it.
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    I've been there. Ultimately only you can change your willpower and motivation. You owe it to yourself to workout and eat right. Do you have someone who can give you some tough love and tell you to put down the cookie and get your *kitten* in the gym? Set a schedule, plan it out, and make the change. Don't wait until Monday. Do it for you. Ultimately it will make you feel better. I don't know what's gone on in your personal life, but get out of this self-loathing cycle. You've lost weight, you know you can do it again. The only thing holding you back is you. Remember that you've done it before, stop doubting yourself, and do it.