The very much overdue update :)

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Hi everybody! I joined MyFitnessPal November of 2014... I was going really strong for a good 2 months or so and then gave up when I didn't get the results I wanted right away.. A few months (March/April of 2015) later I decided to give it another go and as of February 3rd 2016, I am 50 pounds lighter at last! :smiley:

How did this lazy potato lose 50 pounds with minimal exercise (with the occasional squat/crunch binge)?? A little diet I call "Eat As Much Food As You Can For the Least amount of Calories".. Boy, that's a mouthful....

Vegetables! Vegetables! Vegetables! Lots of greens! Lean proteins, like fish, chicken, or protein rich vegetables. Good carbs, like brown rice..

While I may not have the ideal body I want (which I'm working on) I defiantly look and feel better... Being healthy is the key here, right??

Also, has anyone else experience junk food horror??? Like, where you've been on a health kick for so long, you look at the nutrition info of an old favorite snack and are in total shock/disgust?? That's happened a couple of times, just wanted to know if anyone else had the same experience haha :D

Well, I suppose that's all... Obviously, my journey isn't over.. Need to keep those pesky pounds off! Curse you metabolism!

So long :)
Happy Dieting???


  • awakenbeauty51
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    I experience the junk food calorie horror quite often. I look at the calories on everything and to know that alot of what I was indulging in carries calories that match my current meals is crazy
  • awakenbeauty51
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    Congrats on you loss!
  • MbNRoby
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    Thank you so much!!! And right?? I look at some junk item now and it's like "I've eaten full meals with less calories, what even, America?"
  • bnovak226
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    Awesome job!
  • RoseTheWarrior
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    Congrats on your success so far! Yes, for sure I look at stuff now that I used to eat and then remind myself that I didn't get fat from eating well or looking at nutritional info LOL I think that's the best thing about this kind of an app. It makes you open your damn eyes!! You have to stop deluding yourself when you start logging everything. It's like a great marriage. If you don't cheat on it, it works :smiley:
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    Great job :)