Reason(s) why you are transforming yourself!

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Here is my story.
I've always been on the more heavy side. Overweight. Everyone has called me "fat". I decided to lose the weight after high school because I got tired of feeling how I felt. So I pursued a vegan diet in which I lost about 45+lbs. that was my lifestyle. I would go jogging and cycling in occasions but no gym. Then I met my sons father and I gave up my lifestyle. After my son I weighed myself one day at my moms in which I weighed as much as when I was pregnant. I went back home super sad and determined. I weighed 184lbs at 5'5". I am down to 174lbs at the moment but I still want to lose 50lbs to get to 124lbs. Difference this time is that I have a one year old and I want him growing up with an example of fitness and health. No one in my family was ever an example. I want to be a role model not for a year or two but for a lifetime. He's my new motivation aside from myself. I want this for me. Want to feel great and be that fit mom lol
Share your story guys! :)


  • mkh858
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    Yes, having kids definitely change my way of thinking. I just want to be able to keep up with my 14 month olds. Im 5'5" too. I got married weighing about 125. Had twins went to nursing school and bam was 244lbs. I'm 213 now and this time I wanna keep it off..add me! It helps seeing other mommas with children around my twinkies ages!
  • Beehappybaby
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    Relationships and kids can have a massive affect on our lifestyle and weight! But its great that you wanna make a change for your for son! :) so hope being on here helps you stay on track and achieve your goals. Always well done for all the weight you've lost so far! Xx
  • Crawduck
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    I want to be able to ride a horse with my six year old, and enjoy it with her, and I want to be able to enjoy life more, and wear nice clothes and not feel so paranoid about how I look anymore
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    I want a healthier life. I am trying to prepare my body to have a baby.
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    I have some mobility issues that would be improved if I were lighter, plus I am turning 50 this year. I think that getting more fit and more healthy would be a great gift to myself!