New to myfitnesspal

So I've been using the Loseit app for years now, I've had myfitnesspal for a few weeks now, haven't really used it much, but I was playing around on my phone today and I'm beginning to realize that this app has more to offer. I think I'm going to delete Loseit and start using this all the time now. The only problem is I have no friends on here, I'd really like having some buddies on here for support and motivation.


  • rennabean76
    rennabean76 Posts: 3 Member
    Hi, I've just started with MyFitnessPal today and am loving it so far! I'm looking for some support too, so feel free to add me as a buddy
  • Beehappybaby
    Beehappybaby Posts: 43 Member
    I started on here last week! Its a great ap and everyone is really supportive. Feel free to *kitten* me. !!
  • JBDaniel08
    JBDaniel08 Posts: 67 Member
    I have been on and off for a few years now. The weight that came off stayed off but now I need some more off again. If you want someone that does something other than like add me!
  • michaelrhodes1954
    michaelrhodes1954 Posts: 3 Member
    Been using Loseit for a few years. Anyone know if I can transfer the data from Loseit to MyFitnessPal?
  • Richard_DeLancey
    Richard_DeLancey Posts: 6 Member
    I have tried a couple and like this ap best!! Good luck and stay focused.
  • sean_hornback
    sean_hornback Posts: 16 Member
    Add me if u want. I'm on here daily
  • DejahT850
    DejahT850 Posts: 9 Member
    I'd love to be a support bud!
  • irisbuen
    irisbuen Posts: 99 Member
    Let's keep each other accountable! I log daily and would love to support my MFP friends. I give motivation and help audit you too. Feel free to add me on here and on Snapchat
  • nado650
    nado650 Posts: 90 Member
    You can count on my support add me ,