Share your journey here!

Hey guys, thought it would be great motivation to see how everyone's weightloss is going! Share below!

-14 lbs
40 to go!


  • courtniekrebs
    courtniekrebs Posts: 79 Member
    Started in June at 178
    Now at 149 !!!!
    29 pounds lost
    20 to go
  • amurrel1
    amurrel1 Posts: 6 Member
    Started end of jan/beginning of feb. From 267 to 243. Goal to lose 25 more pounds by memorial day :)
  • Anabug81
    Anabug81 Posts: 161 Member
    I've lost 4 pounds in 3 weeks, 66 more pounds to go!
  • suesophietom
    suesophietom Posts: 8 Member
    Started beginning of Feb lost 24 lbs so far. 30 odd left to go
  • hamstertango
    hamstertango Posts: 129 Member
    Lost 28lbs in 3 months, 8 to go (to medical chart UK mid weight for height and medium frame)
    Average 2lb a week lost
  • JordisTSM
    JordisTSM Posts: 359 Member
    Started January 2015 at 366lbs, currently 258lbs, still have about 100 to go.
  • Squirrel698
    Squirrel698 Posts: 127 Member
    I've lost about 28 lbs since the first week of January. I have between 5 - 10 lbs to go. Let's see how long my patience holds out.

    After that it's on to the gaining muscle phase!
  • chulipa
    chulipa Posts: 650 Member
    Female 5'7" 51years started August 2015
    Sw 287
    Cw 198
    Gw 150
    Have lost 90 lbs in 7 months