women ages 50+

I am new to this thread. Promised myself I would lose 50 pounds by my 50th birthday this August. Just now putting some effort into it. Lol I'm not going by a diet , I'm just cutting my portions and getting more exercise. Carolyn8118


  • AMS58
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    Hi Carolyn, I'm 57 and finally getting serious about weight loss. Although I have less to lose (8kg) 17pounds it is still hard all the same. I am doing the 'fast diet' and it is working for me. I still have a cheat day during the week but cut calories 2 days a week. Good luck!!
    Add me if you want. Always needing accountability buddies
  • chedges9090
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    Good morning ladies- I am just getting back on this journey. I need to lose 40-50'total. Right now -5 would be uplifting. Just lost my job, and am feeling that employers will not "lean" towards me due to my weight and age. Anyway- would really love some support and accountability
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    feel free to add me, i am 55 this year and struggle with my weight. Have too many pounds to lose so take one day at a time, I am on the computer every day so here to give support/