Still losing but falling off track

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Well the good news is that I lost 18 pounds since January 13th. The thing I'm concerned about is I am not being as disciplined as I was in the beginning. Also I continue to procrastinate about exercising I do a little here and there though I am on the move all day. Any suggestions for working out and getting back on track,? I noticed with myself stress is a big factor. Thanks for listening hope to hear from someone:)


  • kalm3
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    Well, if you're still losing that great! It's probably better for you in the long run of you lose with lifestyle changes that are maintainable for you. Try to make a point of sticking to your workouts but don't give yourself stressful guilt trips over not working out. Some is better than none until you're able to get back on track. I'm at the beginning of my journey look forward to tips from others as I procrastinate for a living. :D
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    Make sure you're doing exercises that you enjoy - I love cycling, so I have my road bike available and I'll do spinning if the roads are bad or I want something a little different. But I love it, from the start of doing the workout to the post-workout endorphins, so it's easier to get myself on the bike and I find that I don't put off cycling workouts nearly as much as running workouts. So maybe just change up your workouts a bit, experiment a bit to find stuff you really like to do, and get some killer playlists to listen to at the gym.
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    Just remember the reason that you are motivated to make the change in the first place. Make conscious decisions about what you eat, and do exercise activities you enjoy (maybe outdoor biking as opposed to a static bike at the gym). If you make those things a priority, you will probably get right back on track.
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    Thank you. My main goal to lose weight for a trip to Florida that is now it's disappointing. But trying to continue for summer goal. I just bought A new bike :)