So after a few months of using C25K on the treadmill walking faster rather than running, this morning saw me getting up at 6am and jogging for the first time ever. It may well have been the slowest jog ever and I was well and truly puffed at the end of each minute's jog, but I completed the full half hour. Can see myself needing to stick to week one for at least 2 weeks, but am feeling really proud of myself and for the first time ever my Charge HR has recorded a run.

As someone who couldn't even walk on the treadmill for 5minutes back in November (at 289.5lb), I can't help but feel that the time spent using the program to increase my walking speed and stamina really helped once I was finally ready to progress to jogging (236lb).

Really looking forward to Wednesday's "run" now.


  • jandsstevenson887
    jandsstevenson887 Posts: 296 Member
    My husband's first run was to the mailbox. Then 2 mailboxes away. Then the little neighborhood street. Then 70lbs, a couple of rounds of P90x, weekly 5ks and occasional 10ks. We all start somewhere.
  • Tofuli
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    I am about to start week 8 of c25k, I couldn't run more than a few minutes before I started it, now been running for solid 25 minutes and getting pretty fast too actually :smile: I've never been able to exercise regularly in my life before this, I think it's a great program! Well done on your run too!!!
  • CariTJR
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    Well done! I too struggled when I first started the programme, I thought I was going to pass out the first time I went out, but I ran my first 5k last Monday (actually it was slightly longer than a 5k, 3.49 miles to be precise), and i'm now looking forward to improving my time and pushing myself further. Keep at it, you will get there, even if you have to repeat weeks, and it doesn't matter how slow you go (i'm not fast), this will improve as you run more. :smile:
  • JaneyB311
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    Awesome work, well done! I completed c25k and ran a couple of 5k's last year. Unfortunately I now have an ankle injury so am confined to walking right now but am looking forward to getting out running again.
  • lorrpb
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    Great job! I'm ready for week 4, but it's pouring rain this morn.
  • JessRaddatz
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    I started c25k last January, so I've only been running a little over a year now. I am now training for a half marathon and my longest run has been 8 miles. The program works!! You are doing awesome; congrats on your run!!!
  • smcrimmon84
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    Way to go!!

    C25k was lifechanging for me - seriously, not even an exaggeration. I started the program back in October and couldnt even run for 3 minutes straight...and well, I ran a half marathon in 2 hours on the dot last weekend. Now I LOVE running and it helped me lost 60 lbs!
  • mrsloganlife
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    Awesome job! C25k, like many other users here, has really helped. I used to hate running, now I am looking forward to my lunchtime run.

    And don't worry about pace...while I am faster than when I started (a grandpa in his walker could have blown past me), I still plod along. The fact is I am plodding along a lot further for a lot longer than I used to :smile:

    Doing my first 5k in 3 weeks--so excited/nervous!