Spin class

I think I have found my new love, spin class! My first day was a rough one but man I'm addicted. My body tends to respond well and at the end of it all I myself feel energized and happier than ever. It's awesome and I recommend it to everyone who wants to get their heart pumping. Have a great evening!


  • kgj4105
    kgj4105 Posts: 41 Member
    I second all of that! it's great you've found something that works for you like that.
  • Froggymcconnell
    Froggymcconnell Posts: 92 Member
    Hurts my *kitten* too much lol :'(
  • CollieFit
    CollieFit Posts: 1,683 Member
    I do RPM at my gym and love it too. It's great you found something you enjoy. :smile: