HELP!!!! I fell off the wagon and need help getting back on

I've gained over 20 pounds, and about 5 inches. None of my clothes fit and I feel terrible. I need help finding motivation, and ideas to help with binging. Anything helps, thank you! :)


  • Sharon_C
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    Willpower and sheer stubbornness. There is no magic potion. Like Krisstastic_ said, it has to come from within. I know that's not the answer you're looking for but that's the only answer there is.
  • RainDrops930
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    Just remember, the first week is going to be especially difficult. You just need to get through it and keep going. Plan out your meals, and find some fun healthy things to make. Just focus on NOT binging. Be proud of yourself for every day you go without binging. You will find yourself more motivated the longer you go. Hang in there!
  • coalz
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    Get back on it!! & dont deprive yourself otherwise you'll binge. Everything in moderation.progress not perfection. Just start making the effort & each day will be a little easier
  • JeromeBarry1
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    Here's your help: Use the food planner to plan your three meals for the day. Get plenty of protein, fiber, and don't go over plan on any of your macros, but do get close. Be sure you have a breakfast that includes about 1/3 of your daily calories. You win.
  • Lizzy622
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    Habits last longer than motivation. Start getting a few good ones in like drinking water and eating more vegetables. Hope this push helps
  • harrybananas
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    Stand in front of the mirror naked. The best and only motivation you'll ever need.
  • treehopper1987
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    I fell off the wagon slightly while being sick and am trying to get back on it right now. Feel free to add me for additional support. I have also been known to come tumbling off the wagon to be found several months later too.
  • MillyMil122
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    I hear ya! I gained about 15 lbs on a week vacation. Didn't track anything and just ate and drank whatever. I'm paying the price now as I feel bloated and chubby. The good news for you and I- the weight will come off and each day you will get closer! And we still have time before summer
  • erinp523
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    Fell of the wagon a bit too. Gained about 8lbs. Started a second job and the lack of time has caused me to not work out as much and I've been eating a lot more than cheating in moderation before. I need to get back on track!
  • ImChipper
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    Binging is a result of too much denial.

    Here's how I live my life with denying the crappy snacks:

    Previously, I'd eat cheap cookies or crap pizza or cheap salsa with generic chips. Now, if I want to snack, I find primo stuff. GOOD candy, GOOD pizza, then moderate it.

    You CAN have a candy, have a donut, have a piece of pizza, have a piece of cake, have snacks. You CAN. You CAN'T have 20 of them, all of them, in one day every day.

    So don't binge because you deny deny deny. Make each meal a better choice. Eggs with cheese and bacon? Okay, but use less cheese/lower fat cheese. Use low calorie bacon or bake it instead of frying it. Use less cooking oil. All good decisions.

    Must have pizza? Okay, but don't blow 1,000 calories on Dominoes, make your own. Use top quality ingredients, control the amount of calories you shove on it. Enjoy a good pizza instead of waking up later with a greasy morning-after fuzz of BLEGH hovering around you :)

    Motivation? You want to know my motivation? I sat in a meeting with 10 very old ladies a few months ago. I looked over at one of them, and she mentioned her Botox appointment. Suddenly, it hit me and looked around at these ladies. Their hair was fake, their makeup was sprayed/caked on, their hands were wrinkled but also adorned with as much jewelery as they could, their eyeliner and lipstick was horrific. Now I'm not dissing them and their choices, but I realized that they'd give anything to be young again, and were desperate about it.

    And here I am, 30's, giving up, a puddle of fat, wasting my youth, wasting my life, doing nothing because I'm fat and it would be either hard, too much work, or embarrassing, and I thought ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

    You don't want to regret all the amazing things you could be experiencing, or doing with your life because you wasted your time feeling unhappy, depressed, too fat, uncomfortable in your body, afraid to do something and be judged, and so on and so forth. Live now! Yes, its hard! So what? You are going to let YOURSELF beat you? Ain't nobody making your life how it is but you. You can go out there, you can do it, and FORGET other people who might be judgmental!

    I get smug looks all the time from skinny girls in Zumba, and that means they have something in their lives that needs fixing. Me? I smile at them and ask them not to be too jealous of how much I can move it move it. Because if a fat girl can keep up with them, they aren't very good at it. The more I smile, the more disgusted they get, and its awesome. I was skinny once too, and I never regret more that I let myself get unhealthy. But I was never STRONG, and THAT'S what you want to be. A STRONG, FIERCE person who DOES WHAT THEY WANT, WHEN they want to do it and let's NOTHING stand in their way. Be that person!