MFP premium or Free

Hi all, anyone using or have had used the premium version of MFP?

I am toying with the idea but don't want to commit the investment if it is not worth it. The whole reason I joined MFP is because it was free. A few years ago I did WW but didn't go back after my baby because I didn't want to pay the $25 a month for it.


  • benzieboxx
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    Personally I only use MFP for the calorie counter and the forums. That's it. Everything else that comes with premium is just not what I'm into. A lot of people say that paying for something is motivation to use it, like a gym membership, but I find it has zero effect on me lol.

    I paid for WW as well and while I did use it, I definitely slacked off even though I was still being charged. For me it was my mind set. I just wasn't in the right mind set to lose weight anymore so I stopped.
  • Ready2Rock206
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    Free version has everything I need.
  • headofphat
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    bump for more input.
    Anyone have some advantages of premium?
  • Phrick
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    I'd do a search on it, as this is not an uncommon topic... everything I read about it makes me believe it is NOT worth it, as the issues that bother people the most about the free side of it are equally problematic on the paid side. You get a few extra features sure, but they don't outweigh the problems apparently!
  • yarwell
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    headofphat wrote: »
    bump for more input.
    Anyone have some advantages of premium?

    Set different calorie goals by day of the week, macros in grams, some display options of remaining macros, turn off exercise cals increasing food are the ones that come to mind.
  • QueenKristine77
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    Free for me!