-100lbs Female 5'7" pics :)



  • vannyn42
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    Congrats! That is quite an accomplishment ---definitly a big milestone to be proud of!
  • CJsf1t
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    Amazing! Love your transformation! You look great!
  • NextPage
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    Great job and nice to hear from someone else with the one day, one workout, one lb approach. It works!
  • madube84
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    You look great! well done!
  • ClubSilencio
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    I bow to you sensei, lol. Awesome transformation!
  • MissMonicaC4
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    Awesome job!!! How are you going to celebrate??
  • Fairysoul
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    I am so proud of you. All my friends try to get me to it works but I keep trucking your a great inspiration!
  • mom2natalie
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    Good for you! Thanks for sharing your pics
  • c_leeee
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    Fairysoul wrote: »
    I am so proud of you. All my friends try to get me to it works but I keep trucking your a great inspiration!

    Oh don't do it, it's just a waste of money! You get those results on your own time and take the money you would have spent on that and get yourself something fabulous! I'm using mine to get a big old tattoo!
  • StacyChrz
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    You look fit and healthy and wonderful!!! Congratulations on all of your hard work and dedication.
  • silvestrea
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  • jwils06
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    100lbs down!! that is so awesome, you should be very proud of yourself. That you for sharing your before n after pics. You're amazing!
  • jatdh1753
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    You look wonderful! Congrats on all of your progress and hard work!
  • bonniegoodeye
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    Fantastic job with your weightloss! You look so great and are an inspiration!
  • Hjaye7512
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  • dazzlingowl71
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    So awesome!
  • Alysia82
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    I love this
  • c_leeee
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    Thank you so much everyone!! A couple people mentioned "inspiration" and I have to admit that was exactly what I was going for. Which is why I talk about my weight loss so openly and freely; because there was a friend of mine who inspired me. If she hadn't talked about her journey I may have not started when I did! And now I get people who ask me for advice or tips to help them become a healthier version of themselves.
    I get to help people, and I'm good at that! And I love that feeling! <3
  • WindyCityGal160
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    Wow! Just the motivation I needed today- thanks for sharing your success! You rock!
  • elkhunter7x6
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    Wow, 100lbs is quite an achievement!