Down 150 lbs in 18 months!

So, I hit the big -150 lbs last week. Thought I would share a few pics for anyone needing inspiration. Been on this journey 18 months so far. No pills, no surgeries, no diets! Just lifestyle changes. Cut out sodas first, started tracking calories/macros with MFP and incorporated cardio and lifting 3-4 times a week. Started running in July 2015 and can now run 5k's with ease and have advanced to 6-7 days a week in the gym. Never thought I would be someone who would struggle with taking a rest day! This is how I know I have truly changed my lifestyle. Still have about 40-50 lbs to go to get to my goal weight. Just too much weight for my 5'4'' frame. But I will get there this year. Hope this helps someone! Never give up. If I can do it, anyone can do it! #ilostafreakingperson #butgainedsomuchmore

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  • gandssmith
    gandssmith Posts: 67 Member
    Congrats!!!! You've done amazing! I totally get the rest day thing and knowing you've changed your lifestyle. I started maybe 3 1/2 yrs ago. Hated working out. Now if I miss a day there's a lot of grumbling going on in my head. It's amazing what you can condition yourself to do. Keep up the great work! You look beautiful!!
  • Fairysoul
    Fairysoul Posts: 1,361 Member
    Nice job! Yup I hate rest days now lol
  • Ladina1990
    Ladina1990 Posts: 137 Member
    AMAZING!! <3
  • AmandaLawter
    AmandaLawter Posts: 55 Member
    Fantastic! Congratulations on your dedication, hard work and overall success. Keep it up! :smile:
  • Rachel0778
    Rachel0778 Posts: 1,701 Member
    WOW! Your transformation is incredible!
  • Joyjas
    Joyjas Posts: 18 Member
    Amazing!!! You look terrific! I have been doing this for about 8 months and have only lost 10 lbs. Your post is very inspiring to me and makes me realize that if I got really serious about this I could lose the weight too. Thanks for inspiring me!
  • Clareel
    Clareel Posts: 22 Member
    edited April 2016
    Amazing, you look fantastic!
  • RoseTheWarrior
    RoseTheWarrior Posts: 2,035 Member
    Wow wow wow!!! Super work!! Keep it up! You're looking fantastic!!
  • jenovatrix
    jenovatrix Posts: 219 Member
    So incredible. You look so much younger and your eyes really pop now!
  • IAmDonaldC
    IAmDonaldC Posts: 14 Member
    Wow! Great transformation. Congratulations!.....You look amazing. Much continued success on your goals!!
  • fitdaisygrrl
    fitdaisygrrl Posts: 139 Member
    WOW! You look awesome and congratulations! Your post is inspiring and goes to show that taking little steps and being consistent really pays off.
  • numbnumbnumb
    numbnumbnumb Posts: 237 Member
    You look fabulous!
  • WithGodICanDoThis
    WithGodICanDoThis Posts: 22 Member
    This did help me today. Thank you for sharing, I hope to share my own story one day!! I have over 100 lbs to lose, also. Never go back!!!!!!!!! :)
  • socajam
    socajam Posts: 2,530 Member
    Truly amazing, thanks for the inspiration, you look wonderful.

    I decided from yesterday to get my butt back in gear, same height as you 5.4.
    Set myself a challenge to exercise for 100 days without stopping, I am on Day 2, but its kicking my butt. Today whilst exercising I was so hungry that I wanted to stop, the old me would have stopped, but the new me, decided to carry on to the end. I am really glad that I had.
    I do realize that it will not be easy, but I am so tired of being over weight and not seeing this double chin, big stomach etc in the mirror looking back at me. Once the weather warms up I plan on starting C25K and looking forward to it.
    May plan is to take one day at a time towards my 100 day challenge which ends in July.
  • canadianbugga
    canadianbugga Posts: 101 Member
    WOW!!! WTG!! You are awesome!!!!
  • cat_phillips
    cat_phillips Posts: 31 Member
    Congrats to fabulous you! Keep up the good work :-).
  • Rowood101
    Rowood101 Posts: 98 Member
    Wow that's fantastic. Nicely done. Just what I needed to keep me motivated. Thank you!!
  • KareninLux
    KareninLux Posts: 1,413 Member
    Your kids are beautiful and so are you!!
  • klkarlen
    klkarlen Posts: 4,366 Member
    Congratulations! And thanks for the inspiration!
  • StacyChrz
    StacyChrz Posts: 865 Member
    You are amazing! Great job changing your life, you really are an inspiration!!
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