The microwave stole part of my breakfast!



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    ARGHH!!! I hate when that happens!!! Just as bad when I weigh out some baby carrots and my husband comes by and grabs a few!!! >:)

    Oh that's just wrong! Had to explain that to my partner last night too, Uhm no I just measured that!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one! I complained, and he said "I'm just helping you eat a bit less!". If I've weighed and logged something, I want to eat every last one of those calories myself because I'm 'paying' for them!

    OP, I hate when I lose a bit of anything. Like my carefully-weighed cheese slices melting too much on the burger and overflowing onto the pan - I scrape up as much as I can and stick it back on!
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    Reading this in the kitchen as partner takes ham and cheese strips that I've just weighed out and prepped... aaagggghhhhh!!!
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    My only consolation when this happens is that I still add the same amount of jam, except now the jam is more concentrated in the porridge, and so the whole thing tastes sweeter. :-)
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    See, I knew you all would understand my pain lol.
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    I dropped my alpen cereal bar unwrapped in the last cereal bar.....for one second I thought about the 5 second rule.....then I wept with the unfairness of it....
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    The night before, measure out your oatmeal (I eat 1/2 cup), pour in the water or milk you are going to use, then put it in the fridge. Next morning at work microwave it for 1 1/2 or 2 minutes. Perfect individual bits that are just a teeny bit chewy. Cook longer if you want it softer. My container is 2 cups in size and it never boils over since I started doing it this way.
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    if it happens alot, put the bowl on a plate, then if any overflows you still have it.
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    Microwaves will also steal nutritional value from your food!

    Ummm... No. You need to go back to high school and take physics again. Microwaves do absolutely zip to the nutritional value of your food.

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    My usual problem is having all of my food measured out and then my 4 year old deciding she needs to eat what's on my plate instead of what is on hers... I always just give her a bit and carry on, but I already round up my calories and measurements so the little thief doesn't help!

    Weigh out "your" food, and then make a little pile on your plate of "her/your" food, so she can eat from your plate and you still get your calories, every single one of them!