Open diaries

Wanting a few more friends with open diaries to steal ideas from. I have mine open for accountability and so people can get some new ideas for simple meals. Add me :)


  • Cynsonya
    Cynsonya Posts: 668 Member
    Sending a request. I tend to eat the same things a lot though, lol.
  • LazSommer
    LazSommer Posts: 1,851 Member
    What if it's open but empty?
  • WholeFoods4Lyfe
    WholeFoods4Lyfe Posts: 1,517 Member
    Mines open. I missed a few days of tracking because I was eating my worries away, but I'm usually pretty consistent LOL
  • fitdaisygrrl
    fitdaisygrrl Posts: 139 Member
    Mine is open :) Feel free to add me.
  • MAB0218
    MAB0218 Posts: 39 Member
    Mine is open and I log everything! I am very open to new friends for food ideas and motivation.. Feel free to add.. :)
  • MinmoInk
    MinmoInk Posts: 345 Member
    edited April 2016
    I have an open diary but I don't log meal style. I log "am" and "pm" food intake
  • ReaderGirl3
    ReaderGirl3 Posts: 868 Member
    edited April 2016
    I've only been back on MFP for a few days, after taking a hiatus, but my diary is open. I only track calories though, not macros.
  • StacyChrz
    StacyChrz Posts: 865 Member
    Mine is open, feel free to take a look.
  • willworkoutforwine
    willworkoutforwine Posts: 64 Member
    Mine is open to friends, feel free to add me. My eating habits are far from perfect, but I've been losing an average of 1.4lbs/week for 3 months (just joined MFP about a month ago). I also only track calories, for the most part.
  • laurenpjokl
    laurenpjokl Posts: 118 Member
    Mine is open. I eat on average about 1,300 odd calories a day and I'm always on the lookout for new meal ideas. :-)
  • lauraesh0384
    lauraesh0384 Posts: 463 Member
    Mine is open, but I also tend to eat a lot of the same foods. Sometimes there are variations with dinner, though.
  • chrislee1628
    chrislee1628 Posts: 305 Member
    mine is open, don't care if people see what I eat, after all what is there to hide? it is only food
  • suzycav77
    suzycav77 Posts: 189 Member
    Mine is open! Feel free to add me
  • kuftae
    kuftae Posts: 299 Member
    mine is open as well. Doing IIFYM style diet. Calories/ macros fluctuate depending on the day so I'm not cheating if i'm over!!!
  • 6pkdreamer
    6pkdreamer Posts: 180 Member
    Feel free to add me. Logging just about all the time. My diet is constantly evolving for better nutrition. I look at the micros also.
  • taniamusic
    taniamusic Posts: 45 Member
    Mines open please add me