Not new to myfitnesspal, just ready to add some friends. Anybody need a friend!? :D

My name is Ashley. I am not new to myfitnesspal. I have been on here a little over 2 months. I have just been logging my food and exercise for my own personal information. I have not added friends, and I've kept my diary private. I have also used myfitnesspal in the past very successfully. I had lost over 60 lbs. I loved the support I got from all my friends then. But life happens, my career changed, I stopped being active, stopped coaching soccer and I was always busy. I went from crazy active and losing weight, to desk job at a computer all day. Don't get me wrong, I couldn't be happier in my career; I'm just not happy that I gained back a lot of the weight, and haven't been active at all. I woke up one day and decided to get off my *kitten*, and get active, before I regained ALL of it! So here I am. I have joined an amazing boot camp, and started eating better, dumped my non supportive boyfriend, and dropped some negative friends from my life. I have started putting me first, and it feels amazing! Since joining my gym I have realized how much I missed the support of like minded people; people that actually want to succeed. I am tired of dealing with those who start strong and fizzle out once it gets hard. I need the constructive criticism of my food choices and exercise. And I need to motivation of seeing others' food choices and exercise. I am ready to start adding friends. Will anybody have me? LOL!


  • Humaira
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    Good for you! :) Feel free to add me, the more friends and support the better!
  • MWyle14
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    Good for you feel free to add me
  • stephanielara2010
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    I feel you, I lost 40 lbs on weight watchers and over the last couple of years gained it all back being lazy. So feel free to add me too, I need some motivation!
  • Jazfit4life
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    I hear you!! I am in a similar boat. feel free to add me. Lost 45 lbs 2 years ago, last year went through bad break up and such so I haven't been able to consistently work on my goals. We can all help each other
  • SuperSlayer81
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    Yeah :) I could really use some motivation!! Was on MFP about 2 years ago....lost the lazy and now I'm back after a bit of stopping starting...I need consistency!!

    Will add you :)
  • Working_Hard4me
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    I am right there with you... I just started with MFP today and looking for the extra motivation, feel free to add me.
  • VeronicaShukla
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    Feel free to add me as well! I'm on every day!
  • Skinnycow918
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    I NEED friends and the motivation! Add me
  • mejaneucoconut
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    me too please. I need all the motivation I can get! In the fall I was really self motivated and now I just want to go home at the end of the day and sit.
  • heatherfitz
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    I'm back at it and about to add all y'all :)
  • LazSommer
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    A boot camp?
  • Quinn_Baker
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    feel free to add!! :D
  • beansprout13
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    I'm back at this too!! I'm going to add you!!
  • MarkChandra
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    I know how it goes. started this, lost 17 pounds. got busy with other things, gained about 30.
    add me.
  • frknspazz
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    Thank you everybody! I will be adding every single one of yall when I get back on an actual computer. :)

    It sucks that some of yall have also gained back some weight. But im glad I'm not alone. After all we are human. But what counts is we are all back at it. And I know getting the help and support on here from great people will help immensely.

    Someone asked about bootcamp. Over a month ago a new gym opened close to my house. They caught my attention. It's called Delta Life Fitness. It's a bootcamp. It's high intensity interval training. The workout is different everyday. And it kicks your butt! If anybody is getting bored with their usual workouts, I highly recommend finding a bootcamp program. You don't realize just how out of shape you are until you start a HIIT program, let me tell you!!! LOL! But I love it! It sure beats staring at the wall on my treadmil every day. Every day is different, and challenging. It's always a full body workout. I was intimidated at first. But now I'm hooked!

    Anyways! Thanks for all the replies. Can't wait to lose this weight with yall! :)
  • lindabalseca
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    I'm new and feel I don't know how to add friends using the app....some help please....
  • hhof
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    Always up for more friends! This is my 3rd but most successful time on MFP. Things have changed in my life too, I went from a job that ran my life to a desk job where I now have control and have lost 35 pounds since the end of September. Currently I am feeling a little stuck, no weight loss in two weeks, so someone that has some inspiring, kick me in the rear words would be great!
  • panamena440
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    Add me
  • sbeasy
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    Very awesome!! Add me for sure I sure would love some friends here too!
  • DarthJader89
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    Hey! I'm definitely doing the same thing, I've used MFP intermittently for years but never got involved in the community but this go round I decided to see what it's all about. Everyone has been great!! Anyone feel free to add me!