Go to veggie friendly meals?

Has anyone got any good go to veggie friendly meals that make you feel full? Anything that doesnt cost an arm and a leg to make. I have major problems with portion control when it comes to meals, and I also always seem to go very carb heavy since they make me feel full.


  • Sabine_Stroehm
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    Checkout ohsheglows.com
    GREAT recipes there!

    Or, google: south beach diet vegetable recipes.
  • kshama2001
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    Rice and beans. I don't worry about these carbs as they fill me up, as opposed to bread, which does not.

  • Dana_E
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    Check out Lindsay Nixon's Happy Herbivore cookbooks. Most of the recipes don't call for anything exotic or expensive. Her lentil loaf is fantastic and very satisfying. I also like to eat a simple soup with my meals to help fill me up without a lot of additional calories. I'm also a big beans & rice fan. Bean burritos are also very filling.
  • CallMeCupcakeDammit
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    My "I don't know what else to make" meal is a big bunch of spinach, half can of chick peas, 1/3 chopped red pepper, nutritional yeast, and chicken style seitan, if I have it, sauteed in grape seed oil.
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    OP, shop your vegetables at Asian supermarkets. To me, veggies are too cheap there. 3 Bunches of green lettuce for 99cent, cabbage is 3, 5 lbs/dollar, etc. Easy peel orange is 5 lbs/dollar. There are so many things that are many lbs/dollar.

    (Why am I feeling like an advertiser on radio with this post?)

  • kwiatrtdy2
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    On the Hello Fresh website you can download the recipes without having to pay for the subscription. Their portions are huge, and mostly consist of veg. The veggie meals tend to average 600 cals.
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    duckpuddle wrote: »
    Has anyone got any good go to veggie friendly meals that make you feel full? Anything that doesnt cost an arm and a leg to make. I have major problems with portion control when it comes to meals, and I also always seem to go very carb heavy since they make me feel full.

    I pull out the Wok, chop up a leek, some Brussels sprouts, broccoli, red pepper, Bok Choy, carrots, celery, mushrooms, garlic, ginger, water chestnuts, squeeze 1/2 a lemon in, a little cinnamon, a little cumin and stir fry it all up. I can eat 4 - 6 cups of it and feel full and satisfied. I mix and match whatever vegetables I have, but do this 2 - 3x per week. Usually as a side dish to some protein, but also can be my full meal.
  • laurenpjokl
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    I like using quorn because you can cook it from frozen.

    Baked eggs is a good vegetarian go-to meal for me. I fry onions, peppers if I have any, add chopped tomatoes, a generous amount of basil, place in an ovenproof bowl. Crack an egg on top and the cook in the over for 15 minutes. If you want to make it more filling you can add beans to the mix or an extra egg.

  • emstewart95
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    I like to eat a BIG meal... Fill up on veggies and salad. Increase your protein intake, I've recently changed to a high protein low carb diet, whilst its taking some effort creating meals I'm definitely feeling fuller than ever after my meals. :)
  • subakwa
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    Water heavy foods are so filling. I make a curry with cauliflower, chickpeas, onions, mushrooms and spinach. Sauced with garlic, ginger, curry spices and tinned tomatoes with water added. Cook through and have a big bowl!
  • NaturalNancy
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    Beans (navy, garbanzo, kidney, black etc)
    W corn and broccoli, sweet potato <3
  • learningtolove
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    Burrito bowls.
    Lentil tacos/"sloppy joes"
    Mediterranean plate ( pita,hummus,vine leaves,beans,rice,etc)
    Stir fry
  • xtina315
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    Stir fry- I eat it a few times a week because I jam pack it with veggies, different salads, chili
  • rsleighty
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    Lentils. There are so many way to make them!
  • robininfl
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    Lentil Salad
    Beans and Rice, so many variations!
    Black Eyed Peas, potatoes and kale
    Tostadas, Burritos
    Roasted Vegetables
    Stir Fry
    Pasta Dishes
    Salads with some sort of beans in there
    Soups that involve beans

    Nobody in my house is vegan (we have some vegetarians) so:

    Breakfast for Supper
    Salads with eggs and potato salad
    Smoothies with yogurt

    Those are our go-to vegetarian friendly foods. Beans and Rice is an enormous category of dishes, just invest in some spices and go!

  • BarbaraHarback
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    Veggie Chilli, so good, and filling and good for you!
  • smit7633
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    Love veggie burgers and lentil sloppy joes, lots of protein lots of flavor. Check out the blog Cookie and Kate
  • Merkavar
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    Frozen mint peas

  • Merkavar
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    Merkavar wrote: »
    Frozen mint peas


    In all seriousness, Moroccan lentil for me, comes in a pack and about as hard to cook as 2 minute noodles, except taking 10 minutes.

    In my opinion they are low energy for the quantity so you feel full with out breaking the calorie bank.