When MFP works!

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I've been on here for years. I'll "get serious" for a few months then stop.

I found a book that is exactly what I was looking for. Food Rules: A Doctor's Guide to Healthy Eating. It taught me how to eat real food, dessert and all, while being healthy AND losing weight. Only the losing weight part was suuuuuuper slow. I'm ok with slow weight-loss, but at times it would just be stagnant. I've only lost 10 lbs in 2 months. That's slow when you have about 90 to lose.

I decided to start entering in everything I ate and guess what, I was eating TOO FEW CALORIES. Who'd have thought that? Definitely not me! My agreement with myself was to workout 4 days a week for at least 30 minutes. Usually it's just power walking but hey, I'm cool with that.... for now. Anyway, with the exercise and only about 800 calories no wonder I wasn't losing! So today I entered in everything and stuck close within my limits and lost a pound! Lol. That's at the end of the day too.

I weigh every morning. I understand fluctuation, but I know my body. It also keeps me honest. I can pinpoint which foods don't react well with my body and what to avoid. I know some will suggest to only weigh once a week, and that may work for you. But it doesn't for me. Also, seeing the scale every morning is my motivation to keep going or step up my game.

I ate 3 meals and 2 snacks today and had wine and lost weight all while having just started my lady time today! I felt like I never stopped eating!

Thank you MFP! You've proven to me yet again why you're the best app out there for bettering myself!


  • Xpecta
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    That's awesome! It's crazy how eating too little can make you lose slower. I'm still trying to wrap mind around that...
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    It's great that you're losing slowly because it's more likely to be healthy and stay off. I'm losing pretty slowly as well now but just happy that I am still shaving the pounds off. Well done you!
  • akerra27
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    Great job keeping up with it!! I also weigh in everyday and it's neat to see a gain of .2 .6 you know it's salt or that time of the month. I also like to watch the changes of when I have lower food days vs higher food. I like experimenting with it. Good luck to you!
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    That's wonderful! Thanks for your post. It inspires me!
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    This is the story of my life right now! I feel like I am eating soooo much! But it is so much salad, veggies, protein, good fats, etc. Honestly, I have never been happier since I quit "dieting"