Losing Weight As A Couple

Hi all,

Been reading through some of the success stories and wanted to share one with you. Myself and my (now) wife decided to start losing weight in November 2014. I was 19 stone and she was 21 stone. I had proposed to her in the August and we both decided that we wanted to look good on our wedding day so made the decision to get healthy and have never looked back. We both cut out our bad habits (her drinking wine every night and me eating chocolate every night) and replaced takeaways with calorie controlled meals using MFP. We both started in the gym with her using a personal trainer and me pretty much copying her without actually paying for the sessions!

By the time we got married in September last year I had lost 5 stone and she has lost 10 stone! We have both kept going and our weight has stayed flat (which is what we are both after) but are now targeting reducing body fat, building muscle etc. She is also training to become a Personal Trainer because she has gotten so into her fitness.

It sounds cliche but making the decision, genuinely making the decision, is the hardest part and the strongest foundation. Once it was something that we both wanted to do we supported each other, motivated each other and never 'fell off the wagon'. While we are still eating healthy now I don't consider myself as being on a diet - this is just now how I eat. We still have a treat night every Saturday which is important and makes you less likely to crave things during the week.

We ended up being contacted by a local paper (through the gym) who ran our story and that was then picked up by a national newspaper. Its a bit sensational but the message is there - Ive included a link to the newspaper article below.


Good luck to everyone looking to get healthy - if I can do it then I am completely sure that anybody can!!


  • DaisyHamilton
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    Good for you guys!! Congratulations!!
  • JGilchrist23
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    You both look fantastic, and I am loving the classic Sun headline - "thin and frisky" lol!
  • _Waffle_
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    Wait! Where is the part where one spouse doesn't support the other one? (Kidding)

    Congratulations. You both look great. Fantastic story.
  • SarcasmIsMyLoveLanguage
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    Wow! I love this, thanks for sharing! Enjoy your life together.
  • Xpecta
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    That's so awesome! Thanks for sharing the article! A great read! You guys look great! What an amazing job! I didn't lose weight for my wedding and I kinda regret it. Oh well!
  • TnZMom
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    That headline is hilarious! Now I wonder how much eating out costs our family every year...
  • efrensgirl2015
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    Awesome story. Congrats. u both look great.
  • hamstertango
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    Wonderful story, well done both!
    Article was in true Sun stylee but what a unique tale to tell in years to come!
  • SmaugHugs
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    Congratulations! You both look fantastic!
  • Jburlen2007
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    Congrats on the journey, losing weight and getting married.

    My fiancé and I are in similar spot. We are getting married this July and I have recently lost 31 pounds and her 20 pounds. Both are going to look great! :D
  • thutch40
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    Huge Congrats!!! I married my wife last summer & even though I was not at goal I knew that I looked and felt better than I have in years. Lost 70lbs was hoping for the 100 but it will come in time.
  • lennyt91
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    Wow! That's great. Congrats to both of you. My husband and I are working on getting healthier together. He is so picky though. I'm trying to find some good healthy recipes that are not too outside of his box..