New mom here! Any moms out there with advice?!

Hey guys and gals!
New mom here to 12 day old baby! Trying to lose the baby weight and then some eventually. My main focus is establishing a better diet to support breastfeeding! It takes so much energy! High fiber? High protein? Low carb? I don't even know where to start!


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    Congrats on your new baby:) These are precious times❤️ When I was nursing my breastfeeding advocate nurse said protein was the most important thing while nursing and not to cut cals too low:)
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    Thank you so much! She's a true joy. I'm working on increasing my protein now! :)
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    protein is huge, I wouldn't worry about lowering your cals too low yet either, sometimes that can stall your production. Take it slow and enjoy that baby! Babies just don't keep!
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    Thank you! I know she looks bigger every second.
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    Congrats on your baby. Did this about a year ago. My doctor also said 2% Greek yogurt. Be careful about dropping calories now. Get through these first few weeks of establishing milk supply and making sure baby has a good latch and knows How to nurse. Then you can re-evaluate and see where you are and start toying with calories a little. For now rest, recover and bond.
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    First, congratulations!! :) You are still establishing your supply so no cutting calories! Don't do low carb either. Just focus on getting your calories from nutritious, whole foods. Oatmeal (steel cut or old fashion) are great, some moms find they help your supply. Protein and plenty of healthy fats like avocados and coconut oil :) Just avoid empty calories and high sugar choices when you are hungry. Just eat to hunger right now, diet later, many sources say to wait 6-12 weeks before attempting to lose weight. And honestly, if you eat to hunger, you may start losing without "trying". I've done it 4 times myself. Actually I'm working on losing the last bit from baby #4.
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    Thanks ladies! I will be sure not cut calories! My supply seems good right now, baby won't stay awake when I nurse her though!
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    Hey! I am a doula and breastfeeding advocate. I'll add you as a friend. Any questions you may have regarding anything postpartum and breastfeeding I will be more than happy to answer. If I don't know it, I can find out for you. Biggest thing to remember right now is to stay hydrated. Lots of water. If your sweet babe is falling asleep while nursing try unwrapping them from their blankets and caress their feet. You can also use a damp washcloth to dab at their feet as well. Be careful about their latch if they snooze while eating. You can get cracked and really sore. Eat small meals. You burn extra calories while nursing (usually 500 a day if you aren't supplementing). If you would like I'll email or message you some literature I have here at home. Enjoy this time. I adored the bond I had with my three babies while nursing!
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    Aww congrats! I'm a mom of 4, my youngest and last is 1 and I'm already missing the squishy newborn phase. I breastfed all mine (still nursing the youngest!) and I agree with the other comments. Eat more protein and don't cut calories quite yet. Give it a few weeks and then cut slowly, like decrease by a couple hundred one week and another couple hundred the next week. Dropping a bunch of calories suddenly can definitely impact your supply! Enjoy the snuggles!
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    Congratulations! When mine was a bub I burned a ton of calories pushing the stroller around the neighborhood. It helped keep her calm / asleep and me - sane. I actually lost 15 pounds without changing my diet.
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    Omg I can't even imagine what it's going to be like when she's not all new and squishy! I'm eating it up. Thank you ladies for the advice! I haven't got the stroller out yet but I definitely will soon!
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    I sent you a friend request palmetto lady!
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    Hey guys and gals!
    New mom here to 12 day old baby! Trying to lose the baby weight and then some eventually. My main focus is establishing a better diet to support breastfeeding! It takes so much energy! High fiber? High protein? Low carb? I don't even know where to start!

    Cheese. Like all the time
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    Congrats! My baby is 13 years old now and 4 inches taller than me! I had gained 40 lbs in pregnancy (and was at the top of my healthy range to begin with), and although I was anxious to lose the weight, I didn't restrict at all in the beginning (6 months or so, while he was exclusively breastfed). Eat a healthy, well balanced diet, drink a ton of water, sleep as much as possible, and do some light strolling, and you'll have a good supply and the weight will come off! I was back to pre-pregnancy weight in 3 months. I strapped him to me when I went grocery shopping and did light chores (Baby Bjiorn), and we stayed close and happy! Enjoy and good luck!!
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    Thanks ladies! Why cheese!? Lol I was thinking of getting a baby wearer! I was kind of lookin at the k'tan! I try to get up and around as much as possible! Sleeping hasn't been easy
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    But it's getting better!
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    Congratulations! Be kind to yourself in the early days, weeks and months. Lack of sleep makes everything very hard. Porridge (oatmeal??) Greek yoghurt, peanut butter on rice cakes or apples, loads of fruit and veggies and a glass of water by your side at all times!
    My fourth and last is a year tomorrow!! Bf till he was 9 months- aye about 1,700 a day and lost steadily. Walked every day and started running in January. Don't put any pressure on yourself!
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    Congrats! I love love love the newborn phase. I have 4 daughters (9, 6, 3, and 8 mos) and am currently nursing my youngest. A few tips - first, don't make any drastic dietary changes, cutting calories or carbs drastically can drop supply (gradually decreasing is okay, just pay attention to make sure baby is getting enough). I do eat LCHF, but I started long before my last pregnancy and kept my carb level moderate thru the pregnancy, then dropped back to my normal LC level over the first couple months post partum. Second - don't overdo the activity, especially while you are still recovering from delivery; you run the risk of injury and/or adding time to fully recover. Wait for the six week check up, and your doc/mw's okay to start any exercise more strenuous than walking. Also keep in mind it takes time for those joints and ligaments that loosened up for the birth to get back to normal. The first year postpartum is a time to be especially careful to use good form and ease slowly back into activity. Third - make yourself a priority (harder than it sounds, lol) - get as much sleep as possible, accept offers of help, get out of the house without baby, stay connected to friends and family; being a new mom can be isolating and keeping yourself in a good place mentally can help with weight management in a roundabout way - you're less likely to indulge in emotional eating or stress eating if you are taking good care of yourself!

    Congrats again!
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    Thanks ladies! I love oatmeal and yogurt is always a go to snack for me! I am going to take things nice and slow. I won't over do it! I have a lot of help I am very lucky. :) I'll remember to stay connected to the outside world and other big humans. Lol I'll try to anyway. I'm pretty obsessed with my tiny human.
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    Congratulations! My little one has just turned 13 weeks. I've just set up a new group where mummas can log weekly weight loss and support and encourage each other. Hopefully see you there when you're ready.