Whoops! Vodka!

Jamiepk1985 Posts: 463 Member
Is it bad that vodka took me over my calorie limit tonight? Lol! It's been that kind of Monday!


  • hrsj022
    hrsj022 Posts: 41 Member
    Yep I had that weekend! A friend told me stop looking at that app! Eat something and drink..well 10 cocktails later ..a hangover and lived on water yesterday. I dropped 4lbs!
  • Jamiepk1985
    Jamiepk1985 Posts: 463 Member
  • windee52
    windee52 Posts: 1,690 Member
    @ejinvt Not true, sometimes vodka just pretends to be your friend, then it stabs you in the back like a jilted lover
  • Dannigreen31
    Dannigreen31 Posts: 557 Member
    Vodka here tonight also ✋
  • gemdiver00
    gemdiver00 Posts: 77 Member
    Tito's vodka doesn't have that nasty rubbing alcohol aftertaste that other vodkas have.
  • allaboutthecake
    allaboutthecake Posts: 1,530 Member
    I have several flavors of the stuff in my arsenal of booze.
    Don't blame the vodka. ... blame anything but the vodka. Vodka is an innocent bystander.