Parents of 13 lose 80lbs in 4 months with MFP and DDP Yoga (photos included)

tania_sullivan Posts: 10 Member
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Hi all,

Our story is like many others. Our weight rose and rose over the years until we had a wake up call. My young, fit, healthy and sporty brother was diagnosed with leukaemia and the intensity of his treatment was dependent on how healthy he was already. Knowing that should anything happen to us where we would need such medical help, that we were so out of condition to withstand intensive treatments shocked us. That month in November 2015 we decided to tackle our weight once and for all.

We started tracking everything we ate on MFP and also incorporated a DDPYOGA workout a day, building up to two a day. Within four months we had lost 80lbs between us. We still have a stone each to lose but we know we can do it!

Good luck to everyone on this journey with us. We can do it!



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  • alynxx2016
    alynxx2016 Posts: 61 Member
    Well done to you both!
  • Adelynee
    Adelynee Posts: 32 Member
  • samamaof2
    samamaof2 Posts: 8 Member
    Congrats! Y'all have 13 kids? Wowsers! Both of you look great in such a short amount of time. Hope your brother beats the leukemia!
  • ClubSilencio
    ClubSilencio Posts: 2,983 Member
    Wonderful progress. Sending positive vibes to your brother.

  • efrensgirl2015
    efrensgirl2015 Posts: 480 Member
    Awesome job!
  • Iamsimpleguy
    Iamsimpleguy Posts: 1,575 Member
    Great job!! Congratualtions!!
  • tania_sullivan
    tania_sullivan Posts: 10 Member
    Thanks, everyone. And thank you also for good wishes for my be
  • tania_sullivan
    tania_sullivan Posts: 10 Member
    Thanks, everyone and thank you also for the good wishes for my brother.
  • amyn73
    amyn73 Posts: 241 Member
    That's awesome. So happy for you guys! My husband and I are doing the same thing.
  • McCloud33
    McCloud33 Posts: 959 Member
    Very inspiring, especially with a family that big. Passing the lesson down to your kids while they can see you two make the change will have a big impact on all of them. I'm glad my 5 were all able to see me drop my weight and we talk about "fat-dad" from time to time.
  • gandssmith
    gandssmith Posts: 67 Member
    Wonderful job!!! Did your flexibility improve a lot with this program??? I've heard really good things about it.
  • JayneTea
    JayneTea Posts: 2 Member
    Firstly, I want to say that I hope your brother is doing ok. That's the main thing.

    Secondly, look at you! Wow! Speaking from experience I know DDP yoga is the BEST thing out there so keep it up! I lost a stone and a half and toned up with it (and yes, ganssmith, it does make your flexibility improve, immensely!). Unfortunately, I stopped doing it (even after meeting the man himself and getting a lecture, haha) so I'm back where I started. But yep, I can't recommend DDP Yoga highly enough, however, it really isn't your mama's yoga. Bang! ;)

    (BTW, can I ask, did you take the after-shots? And if so, what editing did you do? I love 'em! :smiley: )
  • rebeccaEsmith
    rebeccaEsmith Posts: 1,136 Member
    Wow such a inspiration keep up the good work
  • bnovak226
    bnovak226 Posts: 135 Member
    Awesome job!!! my husband and I do DDP yoga also and we love it!!!
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