Tips for an obese person?



  • bkinsey1979
    bkinsey1979 Posts: 10 Member
    Hi there! I'm a MFP newbie but not a diet newbie - like you I'm 5'5, 256 lbs (but 6 months ago I was 293 lbs so there's hope!).

    You've gotten a lot of good suggestions but I wanted to speak up about the yoga issue.

    Megan Garcia (I believe, I could be wrong on last name) wrote a book and created a DVD specifically addressing issues plus size women face when it comes to yoga postures. Book and DVD are both called MegaYoga. You might find them useful.

    Good luck!
  • mmteixeira
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    In June 2015, I weighed 315 pounds - I started using MyFitnessPal to track my food and changed the way I eat to just "clean foods" (no processed sugar, white flour, etc) - sticking to 1850 calories of fruits, vegetables and proteins - in the first three months just changing my diet and walking I lost 30 lbs. After the first 30-40 went I added in more exercise. In January I started running. As of today I have lost 101 pounds (down to 212). It is definitely doable - I would focus on counting your calories and walking - you can make serious progress that way... good luck ....