Looking for MFP friends!

des_1218 Posts: 12 Member
Good morning! My name is Desiree. I've been on here a while and I'm looking for some friends that will motivate and give me some tough love when needed. In return I will do the same. I'm 35, live in AZ and wanting to lose about 60 lbs and get strong and sexy! LOL Feel free to add me! Have a great Monday.


  • grammyx23
    grammyx23 Posts: 24 Member
    Hello Desiree
  • des_1218
    des_1218 Posts: 12 Member
    grammyx23 wrote: »
    Hello Desiree

    Hi :)
  • easyabz
    easyabz Posts: 41 Member
    Hey Desiree, add me ill be glad to share my tough love. I've lost weight 3x before, finally nailed it through trial and error. Rest assured it is definitly attainable!!
  • gethealthyheather
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    I want to lose 60 lbs and get strong and sexy too! Small world! haha I'm in AZ as well. Let's motivate each other!!
  • blonde_passion
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    Hey! I'm all about the tough love when needed