Anybody from pittsburgh, pa?

bsett1213 Posts: 20 Member
Anyone from the burgh?


  • barbara3213
    barbara3213 Posts: 98 Member
    Used to live in Washington, PA. Now in Idaho.
  • buckwheat30us
    buckwheat30us Posts: 62 Member
    Just north of Pittsburgh in beaver falls
  • blonde_passion
    blonde_passion Posts: 58 Member
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    I'm not from Pittsburgh but I'm a HUGE Pens fan....I'm from Windsor, Ontario, just across the Detroit River. Would love to have some fellow Pens fans to chat with :). Add me!
  • Bush1309
    Bush1309 Posts: 14 Member
    Ebensburg PA
  • Peter_Brady
    Peter_Brady Posts: 3,750 Member
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    Pens fan here :)
  • 620Tim
    620Tim Posts: 8 Member
    I'm 50 miles south near Uniontown
  • jreed15849
    jreed15849 Posts: 11 Member
    2 hrs north of pittsburgh, add me if u like...always looking for friends...
  • gymjunkie0204
    gymjunkie0204 Posts: 29 Member
    Used to live in West Alexander and Washington, PA. Now I'm in Florida. I visit PA once or twice a year.
  • ServeJesus2008
    ServeJesus2008 Posts: 222 Member
    Im two hours from pittsburgh im in ohio feel free to add me