Looking for support to start again

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I'm a 24 year old graduate trying to use my time between school and employment to get my body in shape and an exercise routine going.

I lost almost 50 pounds 3 years ago just by adjusting my eating schedule and doing light exercise. Since then I've been keeping the weight off but have failed to lose any more.

So I'm trying to gain more muscle and get a more intensive exercise routine that can increase my calorie burn and finally get me to my goal. I just got my boxing gloves and am signing up for a kickboxing gym now.

I'd love to find a small group of people with similar goals for mutual support and accountability. Depending on how similar our goals are, we could add some challenges.

Please add me if you're interested!


  • blonde_passion
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    Hey there!

    Congrats on finishing grad school, such a great accomplishment...hope you're proud!

    I'm not looking to lose weight but I'm here to stay in shape and track my nutrients etc. I love fitness challenges though (they help keep you accountable!).

    Feel free to add me :)