Protein shakes

I'm trying to cut some belly fat down for my lower abs and I'm wondering will drinking 2 or 3 protein shakes a day help that or not help that? I workout 4 days a week for an hour and fifteen minutes and I'm trying to cut the fat without loosing too much weight (202lbs) so I'm trying to reach at minimum 202g protein/day. I'm having difficulty reaching my calorie goal too (3,263) :neutral: so would taking 2 or 3 drinks of protein a day with 1 scoop help meet my goal? Or must I eat more too? I get to the point where I feel full and just can't eat more!


  • sijomial
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    Protein shakes are just a liquid food that happens to be a convenient way to help reach your protein goal.
    Like any food they cannot help you lose fat - that's from your calorie deficit or, if maintaining weight, from your training stimulus/muscle building.

    They also tend to be quite a calorie efficient way (depending on brand) and cost efficient way to get to your protein goal.

    Drinking calories can certainly be easy way to raise your calorie intake when you are struggling to eat enough.

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    I use liquid protein FORM from the Thrive products to add extra protein into my daily routine. I know you will hear a lot of negative about adding extra protein, but do what you think is right for you.
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    MuscleTech ripped will be a good one or regular whey protein snack in between meals with protein that will help you out
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    I'd get my protein unprocessed from meat, fresh kefir smoothies, eggs, beans, yogurt etc if you work out 4-5 times a week, you don't need more protein than that. If you are working out several hours a day, 6 days a week you might want to supplement. Whey is disgusting, not sure how can people use it, even if it's in powder form. I make cheese from kefir sometimes and I'm left with the whey, they say it's nutritious and you should use it for pancakes and stuff. So I did one time but that *kitten* stink, I almost threw up from the pancake that was made with whey.
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    Great question!
    1. workouts to 45 minutes MAX
    2. Rest 1 minute between sets
    3. Reduce weight used if necessary
    4. Reduce sets if necessary
    5. Add 2 15 minute HIIT Workout per week

    The 75 minutes spent now is out! By getting in hard and fast your heart will run faster which is better for calorie consumption, read fat loss. Hi intensity is going to shock your system by building Lactates. Feel a definite burn as distinct from the usual fatigue.! If you fail to BURN, reduce rest time and weight accordingly and aim for high end 15 to 25 rep range.

    Burn baby!
    Your calorie consumption will stay the same roughly because of the shorter by 30 minutes workout duration, but the change in gear will rev your engine faster!
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    You're aiming for 351g of protein per day? That is a *kitten* tonne of protein!! I seem to remember from an earlier post that you're pretty tall but still - that is a lot of protein. Also, I would say that your fat value of 80g per day is on the low side.

    Check your figures.

    I would expect that dropping the protein target and upping the fat target would help your to more reliably and routinely hit your calories.

  • 2015Jason
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    IMO, they're an easy and tasty way to meet your protein goals. No magic bullet, but whatever.