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add me let's share the support I'm a returner to MFP

Hi everyone.

So I'm now 30 weight 235lbs or 106.6kg so few years ago I started MFP started the gym. Did 7 months and got pregnant with my 3rd child. He's now 3 in June and I have re - embarked on this life journey.

My current outlook has taken a few months to get my head together and focus on me.
I'm back in the gym ruining 3 times a week 3k in around 30 minutes. I'm also swimming occasionally for 40 minutes moderate casual speed.
My diet has had a re vamp . I currently have salad at lunch and a healthy soup for dinner I'm not having as much sugar or cars in my diet. I've introduced snacks of cucumber and carrot sticks which I hated but now love.

So far in just over a week I've dropped 2.4kg that's 5 lbs.

After my third child I put on 2 stone in what felt like an instance. And I've hated myself for months. I feel like the fat friend no one wants. Hate going shopping as nothing seems to look right. A turning point was going to see a surgeon about gastric banding I got the and he refused ands my BMI was just on the 40+ mark. Clincal obese he said but yplou can take 6 months to diet and exercise and if and all fails come back we can discuss. Do off I went thinking right how do I do this. I've started a long road and my Aim is to loose 42lb that's 3 stones by chrsitmas 2016.


  • KLangleydoula
    KLangleydoula Posts: 1,494 Member
    You can do it! Support is important, feel free to add me.