What does your workout week look like?

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Ive been going to the gym for about 2-3 weeks now. I still feel dumb. I was supposed to meet with a trainer today but they didn't show :( I have been steering more toward cardio because it's easy and you don't really have too many machines in the gym to chose from with that.
Anyways, so I'm looking to do more weight stuff. I typically stay at the gym for 45 min-1 hr+ 5 days a week.
What does your M-F look like? What do you focus on each day? I will probably shoot to keep cardio 2x a week after my changes bc I actually kind of enjoy it :) Just curious what everyone's regimen here consists of more specifically.


  • clay0904
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    I do a PPL program which is 6 days a week for about 45-1hr a workout.

    - 1x5 deadlift or 4x5 + 1x5+ barbell row
    - 3x8-12 Pulldowns
    - 3x8-12 cable rows
    - 4x8-12 hammer curls
    - 4x8-12 Bicep curls
    - 3x8-12 incline DB curls
    - 21s

    - 4x5 and 1x5+ bench press/Ohp
    - 3x8-12 bench press/Ohp
    - 3x8-12 incline DB press
    - 3x8-12 weighted dips
    - 3x8-12 Tricep Pushdowns superset Lat raises
    - 3x8-12 overhead Tricep extensions DB superset Lat raises
    - 3x8-12 skull crushers

    - Squats
    - Leg press
    - Leg curls
    - Calf raises
    - Box jumps

    I rarely have to wait for machines and usually only for the compound excersises and I've seen some good results thus far.
  • Willbenchforcupcakes
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    I train 5 days a week, 90 minutes to three hours a day. Everyday is focused around 1-3 of the big three (squat, bench, and deadlift), with accessory work as needed to both stay in muscular balance and bring up weak points in a lift.

    I do almost no cardio, but I do have permission to do some low volume and intensity a couple times a week. More as a way to clear my head than anything else.
  • shadow2soul
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    Until last week it was:
    MWF - Stronglifts 5x5
    TT - Running or some other cardio

    Last week I switched to Strong Curves and currently a week looks like this:
    Monday- Strong Curves Booty-ful Beginnings Week 1-4 Workout A and walking (usually circles around my apartment while I watch netflix on my tablet)
    Tuesday- Strong Curves Booty-ful Beginnings Week 1-4 Workout B and walking
    Wednesday- Running or some other cardio
    Thursday- Strong Curves Booty-ful Beginnings Week 1-4 Workout C and walking
    Friday- Strong Curves Booty-ful Beginnings Week 1-4 Workout A and walking
    Saturday - Run or Walking
    Sunday- Walking or Rest

  • NadiaMayl
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    I'm with you on the feeling a bit intimidated by lifting... I don't know the machines, routines that go well, etc... I used a trainer last year for about two months, and still don't feel like I could do it on my own! :/
    So right now, I spin and walk on treadmill, plus I do a few kettle bell exercises at home... I'd just like to do more strength training though.
  • DancingMoosie
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    I do a workout video each weekday morning, lift a full-body program 2x/wk in the afternoon, run 2 afternoons, do a DVD or long run on the weekend. I don't generally take a rest day, but had 2 last week because I was sick.
  • positivepowers
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    When I first started I was completely clueless. I tried to work with a trainer but he wanted me to work with free weights all the time even when I told him that lifting free weights, even really light ones, gave me a sharp head and neck pain (the weight machines don't.) I quit working with him and asked some of the men and women who looked in good shape and looked like they knew what they were doing, for advice. To a person they were really nice and willing to help. Using their advice I devised a workout program of my own.
  • bkinsey1979
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    I like group fitness and I've discovered I also like HIIT.

    M: Body Pump (sometimes also zumba or a core class)

    T: Body Shred

    W: 30 min spin, 60 min tabata+core

    Th: Deep water running, sometimes evening Body Shred

    F: Body Pump

    S: Yoga, Spin
  • kirstinethornburg
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    I work out at our Gym 4 days a week. My routine is as follows. Mondays Elipitical Bike Level 7
    33 minutes upper body workout Chest press, seated row, Tricep extension, Bicep curls, butterfly, shoulder press, abdominal crunches and lower back extension all using 65 pound weights doing 3 sets of 10 reps per set Tuesday leg work out Elipitical bike level 7. outter thigh, leg press, leg curls, leg extension and chest press using the foot peadles all doing 65 pounds weight 3 sets of 10 reps per set. Thursdays are a repeat of Mondays and Fridays are a repeat of Tuesdays. Thge work outs come out to about 78 minutes per day. Wednesdays are our rest days and Saturdays and Sundays walk through out walmart and around our church every week Been sick but pushed through my regular workouts any way
  • kirstinethornburg
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    With the weight the best place to start is with least amount and slowly work yourself up at your own pace. When i started last october I was on level one on the Elipitical bike and lifting the least amount of weight doing 12 reps per set and doing 2 to 3 sets with resting between each set. Hope this helps
  • Meganthedogmom
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    Sunday - long run day, cardio only

    Monday - "rest" day but still walk to get 10k steps in

    Tuesday - Stronglifts 5x5 + 20-30 minutes of cardio

    Wednesday - 45-60 minutes of cardio

    Thursday - SL 5x5 + 20-30 minutes cardio

    Friday - same as Wednesday

    Saturday - SL 5x5 + 30-45 minutes cardio
  • chalaivy
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    So many different things!!
  • StealthHealth
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    Currently 4 days per week in the gym.

    day 1: Back Squat & Dead Lift Strength session: 60% and 80% warm up then 90% 8 singles. Accessories are either leg press, calf raises, or abs work.

    day 2: Chest and Back session. Bench press + some type of fly and a pull ups + pull from the floor

    day 3: Back Squat & Dead Lift speed/volume session: 60% 3x3, 70% 3x2, 80% 3x1. Accessories as day 1.

    day 4: Shoulders and Arms: Military press + some sort of db raise. Barbell curl + cable or hammer curl. Some other accessories work depending on day 1 and 3.

    I've also got a little side project going - I'm working on my overhead squat movement (trying to improve shoulder flexibility) to help me to perform a decent snatch. So, currently a couple of times a day (7 days a week) I'm performing a few non-weighted over head squats.

    Edited to add - I am not recommending my program to anyone else, especially the OP. What I have listed is just my current weekly work out and is is designed as a part of a longer term program designed for a very specific purpose.
  • cajuntank
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    Since you are a beginner, I would recommend getting on a already proven beginner program. Many are mentioned in these forums (some in this thread) and you can pick the one aligned to your goals, enjoy, equipment available, etc....

    If still unsure, post back with goals, equipment available (you mentioned a gym, but they might not have a lot of free weight, or they only have dumbbells...), etc... so a direction can be pointed toward.
  • eddiesmith1
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    i cycle 32km (or more) 4-5 days per week (my commute) , I walk 25-30 km per week (mostly dog walks - but the pace is always about 9.30 per km ) I'm looking to start C25K this month after buying some new shoes (training the dog to do that may be a stretch at first but he's smart) - with a goal of running a half marathon next may (I just walked the half marathon on Sunday) other than stretching that's it, I don't belong to a Gym. I did recently pick up a couple of good used Tennis racquets so that is on the horizon as well . there is a Nice large new YMCA opening close to me that I will join probably int the fall (I'd rather exercise outside than in a gym)
  • cgvet37
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    I train five days a week. I never stick with one routine/program for more than a month. Unless a specific program states so.
  • Soundwave79
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    A typical week for me:

    Monday: Chest and Tris
    Tuesday: Cardio (Insanity vid, T25, Long jog)
    Wednesday: Back and Bi's
    Thursday: Legs. Squats, Dead Lifts, Lunges etc
    Friday: Shoulders
    Sat: Cardio. Heavy Bag routines, Martial Arts videos
    Sunday: Softball
  • yesimpson
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    Something along these lines:

    M: lower body strength exercises, elliptical/rower
    T: rest (still try to surpass 10,000 steps)
    W: speed work (running)
    Th: upper body & core, elliptical/rower
    F: short run (under 8K)
    Sa: long run (usually with a running club) 12K+, or sometimes parkrun if I did a longer run earlier in the week
    Su: swimming

    That's the plan, but sometimes sessions get moved around or one gets bumped if I'm tired/short on time.
  • piperdown44
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    I follow Wendler's 531 program. I did switch it up to add an extra leg day in though.
    Mon - Deadlift, volume squat
    Tue - OHP, volume bench
    Wed - wide stance squat, RDL, back
    Thr - Bench, volume OHP
    Fri - Squat, volume deadlift
    and either extra back on Fri or on Sat.
  • MostlyWater
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    I like classes.

    I spin three mornings a week and the other 3, I do a weights class (MetCon3 and Stacked). When I can, I do the elliptical before hand.

  • kwtilbury
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    I'm on the PHUL program:

    M - Hypertrophy chest and back; running/stairs workout
    T - Hypertrophy shoulders and arms; boot camp workout
    W - Power legs; abs
    H - Power chest and back; maybe some HIIT
    F - Boot camp workout
    S - Power shoulders and arms; kickbox
    S - Power legs; abs