Gotta shed some weight

Heaviest i've been in 4 years. Setting out to shed about 40-50 pounds. Let do this and be fitness pals!


  • maggieeric1
    maggieeric1 Posts: 55 Member
    You got this Mr Therun
  • blonde_passion
    blonde_passion Posts: 58 Member
    Hey! You got this! You came to a great place, such a supportive community on here, you'll do great! I'll add you!
  • mumbles2013
    mumbles2013 Posts: 289 Member
    Add me hun xx by the way love the name haha!! I on a mission, lets do this *kitten*!!!
  • galvanmario58
    galvanmario58 Posts: 13 Member
    You got this brother! We are all in this together!