Dropping fat and lifting weights!

Hello there MFP!

It's time for me to drop the excess fat and pick up some weights, and therefore muscles, instead. I'm almost finished with uni and it's about damn time for me to get in shape. Why do I want to do this? The question is rather why I wouldn't.

I want to be more healthy. I want to be able to join my coworkers who run 10km during lunch three times a week, because that's damn impressive. And I want to look better, more buff. That's about it, in that order. My problem's going to be consistency, keeping up a sufficiently rigorous routine for a long time. The long time goal is a change in attitude and lifestyle where I'd rather go for a run than stay at home and watch Netflix.

Food-wise my problem is going to be late night snacking. During the day I usually have pretty good routine with decent food I believe, and now I am going to log EVERYTHING into the app. Hopefully having it written down is going to help me visualize the problem and therefor avoid it.

And lastly it would be epic to get in touch with some other people doing the same journey, or who've already done so and don't mind sharing some advice! Send me an PM.

Tomorrow morning I'm hitting the gym before I go to the office.



  • lizzelspark
    lizzelspark Posts: 178 Member
    That's great !! Now is a perfect time to get in shape and do everything you want to :)
  • Articlatus
    Articlatus Posts: 2 Member
    Indeed it is, I hope that you too do everything you want to!
  • laniferous
    laniferous Posts: 10 Member
    Hey! It's also my goal to drop some fat and replace it with muscle!
    Best of luck on your lifting journey!
    I would love to trade macros/nutrition goals1
  • blonde_passion
    blonde_passion Posts: 58 Member
    Hey there! Welcome to the community, there is a great support system here- you've come to the right place. You have some great goals set for yourself there, I'm sure you'll crush them! Feel free to add me, I'm new but pretty active on here ☺️
  • burnfatty17
    burnfatty17 Posts: 89 Member
    I'm in the same boat, let's do this!
  • RBillard
    RBillard Posts: 49 Member
    feel free to add me, as I'm also looking to drop about 40 lbs of fat and replace it with 20lbs of muscle. Currently doing metcon workouts to drop half the fat, then will move back into heavy lifting. I am a daily MFP user and log religiously.
  • sweettee382
    sweettee382 Posts: 7 Member
    Feel free to add me! I started my weightloss journey last February and I'm down 130 pounds. Been one of the hardest things I've ever ever done but so very worth it! Good luck :)
  • skorsk
    skorsk Posts: 32 Member
    I'm doing the same. Drop fat weight and gain muscle. Hard goals but doable. I started at 39% body fat and 151 pounds. Down to 139 and 34% bf in about 2 months. I started working out in the morning before work this last month which really jumpstarted things. Diet is key and staying distracted from bad habits is hard. Must be very motivated and it took me a long time to get to where I really wanted this. You can friend me and we can work thru this together. I follow a weight training program and lift 3 days a week with cardio on off days but I don't push it. I am female and turning 53 soon but not afraid to lift heavy and break a sweat. My goal is 16% bodyfat.
  • vladpatrick04
    vladpatrick04 Posts: 52 Member
    Hey! We got the same objectives and if you want to exchange some research or experience then you can add me.