Couch to 5k for obese beginner?!

Hey, have any of you ever been obese and done a couch to 5k program to get into running? If so, what was your experience and did you lose weight?


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    I've "done" C25K in the sense that I've spent forever on week 1, if that counts at all. Week 1 is just as much of a workout for me as an express spin (30 mins) class, it just uses different body parts, and I'm happy hanging out at my current fitness level so I'm not in a hurry to push through the week 1 wall.

    I'm in "losing mode" in general and very active with spin, Body Pump, Body Shred, HIIT stuff so I can't say that C25K did any more or less for me than my other activities in the loss department but even a constant repeat of Week 1 has done great things for my fitness. If you're curious about C25K (or any higher intensity exercise) my best advice is to forget the weight loss aspect and do it for the fitness aspect.

    EDIT to add - I'm 255 lbs, so you don't think I'm talking from the non-obese couch. And edit #2, C25K doesn't have to be all-out running. My c25k coach starts everybody at a "jog shuffle" and encourages people to go as slow as they can and still be running (both feet off the ground at some point during the stride). I started my shuffle/jog after 6 months of moving from stumbly/flailing zumba to HIIT and spin, so I'm not an absolute fitness beginner, but hopefully this helps anyway.
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    As was stated above, focus on calorie intake and walking to start. Last June I was 314 lbs, I used MyFitnessPal to track food and started eating clean. At the same time, I started walking the golf course twice a week. After 3 months and 30 lbs lost, I started doing P90 and the 21 Day Fix - slowly but still able to do them.

    In January, I was down to about 260 lbs and started a Couch to 5K plan. The plan is excellent and easy to follow. I had to repeat certain weeks so it took me more than 9 weeks, but it was worth it. The plan goes slow and deliberately so as to avoid injury. Today I am at 212 lbs, I ran my first 3.1 miles in training last week and will run my first 5K next weekend. If I did it, you can... :smile:

    Focus on your nutrition and diet first and start walking regularly - the running will come. Don't rush it, listen to your body so you don't get hurt. Be patient as it will take some time... also get running shoes. Good luck :)