time to get serious

Hello my name is chrissy im 5"2 and im 204.8 . I was 212 when I started this journey back in September 29 2014. I have trouble staying committed to doing this . Please helpme sstay commited. I am a mom of 2 boys . My family has lot of health issues like sugar and high blood pressure and im not trying to be like them. Looking for new friends and support along the way


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    Congrats on your weight loss chrissy! Welcome and feel free to add me as a friend. Keep reading on the forums and post your questions and ask for support.
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    Chrissy - - I am about your weight and height. I am just starting this. I have discovered taking it a step at a time will help me. My first step was to decide what daily food goals I had - - for instance, I currently have IBS, so I really have to watch my fiber and get at least 25. My doctor's office has a weight management program. I have visited with a dietitian and she suggested what my food goals should be as far as carbohydrates, proteins, etc. I am just adjusting my Fitnesspal accordingly. Next week, I am going to work on meal plans. But until then, I can watch my food chart and work accordingly. Input your meal before you eat and you can adjust your meal accordingly. How old are your boys? Little children can make it hard. But you will be a better mom by doing it. I need support as well. I'm good at starting but not good at finishing. Pam
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    My boys are 8 and 4 . I love to give u support along the way .
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    Congratulations on your decision. While I'm well past your age, I'm close to your heigth and started using MFP in 2010 seeking a 40-50 lb loss. I encourage you to keep this simple and keep reminding yourself that it is a day by day activity. Keeping it slow allows your body to adjust and change gradually - and, I believe, to minimize the rapid re-gaining of weight that some of us experience in earlier losses.

    I first started as a means to see exactly what I was eating. I found that information to be extremely eye-opening and motivating, since it pointed out that portion size was more the issue than snacking, etc. Fell off the logging wagon and got discouraged a few times since then, but always restarted and now am maintaining at (or close) to goal. I find the logging keeps me honest and allows me to focus on the value of specific nutrients, etc. Combined with a fitbit to monitor activity - it has been the best decision I ever made for improved health. Best wishes and keep up the effort.
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    Thank u I also have fitbit. I have done this and fell off wagon alot of times.